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extremely pleasing to the taste

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worthy of the gods


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Brissago follows the Ambrosian Rite, as does Tesserete, a small village north of Lugano, which hosts Or Penagin.
Kertesz, with the London Symphony Orchestra and the Ambrosian Singers, conducts the work for all its worth and the warm pre-digital Decca sound (DEC 468 487) captures the music's essence.
They think this song, although reflecting other writings by Ambrose, is not as polished as other Ambrosian writings and therefore suggest another author--anonymous.
An inscription placed below the prophets, reading TE PROPHETARUM LAUDABILIS NUMERUS ("praiseworthy number of prophets"), taken from the first lines of the fourth-century Ambrosian hymn Te Deum laudamus, a regular component of the Mass, unequivocally communicated that the imagery was to be understood in connection with the Roman liturgy.
The Zlin Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic conducted by Milan Kanak gave a very respectable performance, and in the Zemek symphony it was joined by an imposing octet of soloists and the combined forces of the Kromeriz Moravian Madrigalists and the Brno Ambrosian Choir.
This curiously disjointed collection of meanings leaves us with a small mystery: Why is it that the Targums, Vulgate, and Pesitta show an interpretation, "let grow long," nearly the reverse of those found in the Septuagint and Codex Ambrosianus ("strip" and "cut, trim"), with Symmachus and the Ambrosian marginal reading occupying an amorphously literalistic middle ground ("send")?
A missing part of the microfilm (the Ambrosian library has been closed for some time) has been reconstituted (printed in italics) from the edition of Constans with very detailed variants from A and R.
Quilici's essay (like Barber's mentioned above) studies a group of bindings in a particular place, in this case the great Ambrosian Library in Milan.
After teaching for five years, he joined the staff of the Ambrosian Library and from that time onward was engaged in intensive academic research and writing.
Nevertheless, the understanding since Trent of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist has developed from the Ambrosian model, wherein the elements undergo a real, metabolic change, albeit one that results in a static--as opposed to a dynamic, fourth-century Antiochene--notion of how Christ is present in them.
It's also where the sign of peace still falls in the Ambrosian Rite, the ancient form of the Mass celebrated in some regions of northern Italy and Switzerland.
Awakening, the arts center's multidenominational dance company, performed to a wide range of music, including "Kumbaya" by the Soweto Gospel Choir, "The Maker" by Dave Matthews, and "O Holy Night" by the Ambrosian Singers and the London Festival Orchestra.
London Symphony Orchestra and the Ambrosian Opera Chorus conducted by Benjamin Britten.
She compares the works of Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim to the Ambrosian narrative of Aldhelm and argues that her virgin martyrs are intelligent and active agents who make their own choices and powerfully resist the actions of unjust men.