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uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow

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Compare the high point of public sentiment in the late 1960's for abolishing capital punishment and the widespread endorsement of the goal of rehabilitation for convicted criminals (however ambivalently avowed and haltingly implemented) with the current overwhelming popularity of the death penalty, the wholesale repudiation of the rehabilitative ideal, and the escalating numbers of prisoners and lengths of prison terms.
I say ambivalently, for, while the bearer of "news," of public information, the bank simultaneously engages in the repression of history; its activities mirror the tension between resuscitation and burial, revival and death that pervades the text.
And both of the examples concern events viewed ambivalently in their respective dynastic histories: perhaps some histories were too sensitive to receive the level of publicity that royal epigraphy entailed.
This is possible because both subject positions take on the other as an ambivalently desired object that is destined to be lost through the uneven distribution of racial privilege and power.
It's a dispersed chapter, but also one of the most evocative, with a beautiful extension of Foucault's account of the ghost presence of the royal patrons in Velasquez's Las Meninas to Elizabeth's ambivalently valorized lunar manifestations in the play.
Why in Western theological and ethical thought has laughter been treated ambivalently or negatively as "nihilistic and irresponsible, especially if occurring within tragic circumstance" (3)?
The Covey in The Plough and the Stars is clearly the advocate of this position, but equally clearly the Covey is represented ambivalently and the play 'works to discredit the Covey's naive interventions' (p.
Suggestions were made that another minor country would replace them, and India ambivalently said they would not oppose a shift of country, but they fully understood and supported the stance of Pakistan.
She contrasts these works to modernist Yiddish poetry of the 1920s, and reads poems (many in her first-time translation) of Jews relating ambivalently to the minority experience of black Americans.
Pradeau's presentation of Plato's texts in which eidos appears ambivalently, or in reference to intelligible form, species, or figure, to support his insistence that Plato "did not wish, it seems, to separate intelligible reality from its form" (p.
Given the current debates over the "legitimacy" of Mexican immigration to the United States, he observes that, "many Americans viewed Mexican immigrants ambivalently, as a sort of necessary evil in American society.
Pinker noted, somewhat ambivalently, that "the thirst for retribution"--punishment as "just deserts" and a way to right the moral balance--may be inherent in human nature, and a legal system that does not satisfy this need may never command enough respect to be effective.
The next two papers offer readings of several 'crusading' novels: Daphne Lawless examines the ambivalently proto-feminist figure of the 'New Woman' in Constance Clyde's A Pagan's Love (1905) and Kirstine Moffat reads a range of novels whose moral seriousness is driven by the non-conformist campaign against 'the demon drink.
Since I've never been one to leave this kind of dim paranoia undisturbed by the brighter light of obsession, I've been thinking a lot about why it was so difficult for me to decide to join the panel and about why I have so often defined my role as a teacher and scholar of Shakespeare ambivalently, seeing that role as something that is both complementary with and in opposition to my interest in popular culture.
Singh accepts his grandfather and Rajput patriarchal authority as legitimate, yet ambivalently asks, "the will of parents will be obeyed but at what cost?