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Synonyms for ambitious

Synonyms for ambitious

full of ambition

Synonyms for ambitious

having a strong desire for success or achievement

requiring full use of your abilities or resources


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The ambitious plans unveiled by the council show that there could be the creation of 6,000 jobs in some fast-growing sectors including FinTech, business services and professional services which will help create more spin-off companies right across the county.
Do not let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting more, doing more, working hard for your money or being ambitious.
Walcott added: "I'm very ambitious and I've come here because I want the club to push to the next level.
It can be helpful to acknowledge to young people that they are ambitious, enabling them to acknowledge this fact about themselves.
the Paris Agreement must be legally binding, inclusive, fair, ambitious, durable and dynamic, it must set out a clear and operational long-term goal which is in line with science, it must establish a review mechanism for countries to come together every five years to consider progress made and to enhance collective and individual efforts as appropriate, it must include a transparency and accountability system to track progress on the delivery of national commitments and the sharing of best practice.
Salmond Arrogant Ambitious Dishonest Sturgeon Ambitious Intelligent Strong Darling Intelligent Principled Arrogant
OWING his ecstatically received six -night run at London's Soho eatre, which sold out in just two hours, and his highestcharting solo album with American Interior, Gru Rhys has announced details of an ambitious multi-media tour of Glastonbury Festival.
The Scottish government's ambitious targets for renewable energy would be "politically unachievable" in an independent Scotland, experts have warned.
The only thing was that Mark said the club was not ambitions and Al Fayed wanted to make the point that he was very ambitious and we were very ambitious," he said.
Ambitious Minds, which has just moved into Liverpool's commercial district, is growing to service the increasing demand for standardisation in spreadsheet modelling, alongside its portfolio of bespoke financial training courses.
Well, then be ambitious, as a new research has found that aiming for higher goals in life does make you happier.
Summary: Marrakech - Morocco has developed, over the last years, ambitious agenda in terms of marine environment protection, said Tuesday Director of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds) Willem Oosterveen.
Speaking in Brighton yesterday, party leader Caroline Lucas said: "It is a set of ambitious proposals but the Green Party has never been afraid of being ambitious.
AMY MACDONALD A Curious Thing (Mercury) THE Glaswegian singer-songwriter returns with an ambitious followup set that's highlighted by Don't Tell Me That It's Over, a big, bold song that showcases Amy's distinctive voice and witty lyrics.
Having already written a book on Davidson's approach to the more ambitious project, L and L's focus in this book is exclusively on the more modest project.