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Synonyms for ambitious

Synonyms for ambitious

full of ambition

Synonyms for ambitious

having a strong desire for success or achievement

requiring full use of your abilities or resources


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The ambitious cardinal, who was prime minister to Henry VIII.
Reason, on the contrary, assures us, that as in so great a number a fit representative would be most likely to be found, so the choice would be less likely to be diverted from him by the intrigues of the ambitious or the ambitious or the bribes of the rich.
You are ambitious -- it is natural; you are a man of genius and you know your worth.
And any boy who is born in America may look forward to the same things," said our ambitious friend Charley.
But for this awkward dilemma, it is probable that the ambitious tastes of our two architects would have left us much more to do in the way of description.
I was ambitious - have you known The passion, father?
So ambitious men, if they find the way open for their rising, and still get forward, they are rather busy than dangerous; but if they be checked in their desires, they become secretly discontent, and look upon men and matters with an evil eye, and are best pleased, when things go backward; which is the worst property in a servant of a prince, or state.
What we really want is a novel showing us all the hidden under-current of an ambitious man's career--his struggles, and failures, and hopes, his disappointments and victories.
A man may be ambitious of lying in a lion's den, but can hardly hope to sleep there quietly.
He was ambitious of a wider effect: he was fired with the possibility that he might work out the proof of an anatomical conception and make a link in the chain of discovery.
For its inception was yours, and in your more ambitious days you thought to write the tale of the little white bird yourself.
If you are ambitious, it is the surest of all stepping stones into the House.
In the end there remained only four: the she-wolf, the young leader, the one-eyed one, and the ambitious three-year- old.
Lady Lydiard warned me long since not to be ambitious about myself and not to forget my station in life, because she treated me like her adopted daughter.
SEEING a ship sailing by upon the sea of politics, an Ambitious Person started in hot pursuit along the strand; but the people's eyes being fixed upon the Presidency no one observed the pursuer.