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Synonyms for ambitionless

having little desire for success or achievement

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I must hereafter plod along ambitionless and aimless--content to know that my lot in life is to be a horrible one.
The next month, Royko, in going through the feigned motions of endorsing Patrick Buchanan for President, called Mexico a useless country except for its beaches and tequila, its leaders "corrupt pocket-stuffers," its people ambitionless, and Buchanan a wimp for not being more bold to keep America from being forced to dine on refried beans and naming all our children Jose.
He has moved his ambitionless position fron "No Change" in 2011 to accepting some minor tax powers on offer from the ConDem Government in London.
He has moved his ambitionless position fron " No Change" in 2011 to accepting some minor tax powers on offer from the Con Dem Government in London.
Spurs have been a demoralised, demotivated, ambitionless rabble for 10 years, since the day Alan Sugar sacked Venables.
Why do we care about this affable, ambitionless character?
Meanwhile in Wales we are going no-where under the visionless, ambitionless Leadership of Nuclear Submarine Jones.
I am kind of an ambitionless person in the sense that things come up and I go, 'Yeah, all right.
And it's because fans brought up on the finest diet of attacking, pass-and-move football are subjected to a type of predictable, ambitionless, witless play they do not recognise or accept.
But, if the business community fails to seize the opportunity that has been presented to it on a plate, it deserves to decay forever in ambitionless misery.