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Synonyms for ambiguous

Synonyms for ambiguous

Synonyms for ambiguous

open to two or more interpretations


Related Words

having more than one possible meaning

having no intrinsic or objective meaning

References in classic literature ?
Daylight grinned to himself, and gave out ambiguous interviews.
It was said that he had been the landlord of an ambiguous hotel in Cape Town, and had there given shelter to, and witnessed, the experiments and finally stolen the papers and plans of, an extremely shy and friendless young inventor named Palliser, who had come to South Africa from England in an advanced stage of consumption, and died there.
Most had hedged a little with ambiguous conditions, and now offered resistance; one or two paid at once, and vehemently called attention to the fact; and Mr.
The eyes of his auditors involuntarily met; and, if the color that gathered over the face of Elizabeth was contradicted by the cold expression of her eye, the ambiguous smile that again played about the lips of the stranger seemed equally to deny the probability of his consenting to form one of this family group.
By the time the Fourth of July's fireworks and picnics and celebrations were completed, we hoped, there would be little interest among journalists--and less among non-journalists--in whether the President had made a few ambiguous and completely legal phone calls.
She offers eerie, menacing relationships--of parents and children, of siblings, of husbands and wives--and she refuses to hide the ambiguous nature of these relationships.
Responses were coded as neutral if the subjects' responses were ambiguous, uncertain, or nonpreferential including; e.
With commodities becoming more available, the elite's control of symbolic goods became more ambiguous, and hence the aspiring leader had to do yet more to display his wealth and attract followers.
The four lectures collected in Japan, the Ambiguous, and Myself are addressed to a Western audience, for whom Oe elaborates on the unique cultural and historical idiosyncrasies of Japan.
My wife says she finds these results depressing, which sounds to me like one of her typically ambiguous diagnoses.
To measure subjects' tendency toward aggressive tax reporting, SBOs were asked how certain they would have to be (on a scale of from 0 to 100%) that the IRS would allow a deduction before they would claim an ambiguous deduction.
In general, HRS individuals perceive rejection when receiving ambiguous cues more readily than do LRS individuals (Downey & Feldman, 1996).
com/tv/gotham/news/a824751/alexander-siddig-says-gothams-ras-al-ghul-is-ambiguous-no-one-knows-whether-hes-a-demon-or-a-saint/) Digital Spy that he wanted fans to keep on guessing whether Ra's al Ghul is to be trusted or not, so he made the role "as ambiguous as possible.
Yet more and more examples of use of expressions that are ambiguous in context, yet felicitous and rhetorically unmarked, are emerging.
Considering that adolescents are increasingly communicating via social technologies like Facebook (Lenhart, 2015) where contextual, verbal, and nonverbal cues are lacking, the intent of a tease communicated in this manner may be ambiguous and open to different interpretations.