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completely enveloping

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Determine concentrations of quinones, carbonyls, and PAHs in ambient air samples at selected sites in the Los Angeles basin.
The Ambient Smart Grid[TM] enables a two-way, real-time communications platform, utilizing the X-2000, to serve the "last mile" backhaul, necessary for utilities to implement smart grid applications such as Advanced Meter Reading (AMR), real-time pricing, Demand Side Management (DSM) and direct load control.
Smith and his group exposed groups of 6 rats to either filtered ambient air (as control) or to ambient air with enriched particle concentrations created using the VACES.
Figure "Deviation of Skin Temperature from Core Temperature as a Function of Ambient Temperature for a Nude Person" 1
The Ambient Display will not work on every handset that receives the Android Lollipop update but it will only function when supported hardware is present in the device.
Ambient designs, develops and sells the Ambient smart grid communications and applications platform.
Ambient ticks several boxes - long shelf-life, low cost, convenience .
The same ambient light influences various colours differently, so least ambient light sensitive colours can be identified.
At higher ambient temperatures, the EcoDry system switches automatically into "adiabatic" mode, which uses a spray of tap water to cool the ambient air.
Air pollution exposure assessment studies consistently show associations between ambient fine particle [particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter [less than or equal to] 2.
Strategy for determining aged property retention at ambient temperatures
SINCE AMBIENT MUSIC'S origins in the '70s, its creators have felt compelled to distinguish it from Muzak or aural wallpaper.
As envisioned by its leading developers, Philips Electronics and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), ambient intelligence is a marriage between the technologies of ubiquitous computing and social user interface.
The amount of NO in ambient air (baseline) was recorded before each on-line measurement.