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For decision this equation necessary to assign the marginal conditions: initial sharing the temperature inwardly stocking up and law heat exchange between surface of the stocking up and coolling ambience.
To be recognised as one of the world's top hotels in ambience and design is a fantastic tribute to the hotel and its staff.
And much of the quality of the relationship between the master and disciple, and the spiritual ambience has been left out, not to speak about the content of the courses that have been taught.
One could, if so inclined, be just as easily occupied with the ambience, or enjoy the minimal structures of the red furniture and blue floor.
For Dr Tim Dukes and his bride Ms Ann Moulton it was the ambience not the cost that ruled their choice of wedding venue.
Eloise Hynes and Mary Ann Dalmut own a complete custom wedding service, Weddings by Ambience in Little Rock.
NEW YORK -- Hoppit, the leading ambience search engine for restaurants, has launched its iPhone app in Apple's App Store today.
March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tech Ambience Call Center today announced a specially created program designed to increase sales while reducing the cost of those sales for Pharma and Medical Industry clients.
Tech Ambience said it has opened a Florida-based call center division especially designed to meet the customer service and product sales needs of the business marketplace.
According to Acsa, ambience is also something against which the airport is measured.
A MORNING walk turned tragic for Class- X student on Sunday morning near the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon as he drowned in a pond after he slipped into it.
uk Food Service Ambience At the other end of Queen Street (in King Street) is a survivor.
Matthew, 35, who now lives in Soquel, California, put together a range of 50 sounds on the colourfully-designed White Noise Ambience app for users of the Apple Iphone and Ipad.
The Deputy wished the imminent cabinet would be formed today before tomorrow, yet the current ambience is still vague.
Summary: Amatista Lounge, acclaimed as the city's new hotspot, located in The Address Dubai Mall is open from Tuesday to Friday with a live DJ, beverages of choice and an electrifying ambience.