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Synonyms for ambassador

Synonyms for ambassador

a diplomat of the highest rank

an informal representative

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From a presidential perspective, however, ambassadorships should be under political control just like other senior policy-making positions.
As Hollibaugh (2015) articulates but much of the general commentary glosses over, there is significant variation between careerists and appointees both within individual ambassadorships and across the class as a whole.
Therefore, another goal high on Dunkin's checklist is to formalize the Appraisal Institute's ambassadorship program sometime before the end of the year.
In addition to the ambassadorship programs, the Appraisal Institute sends representatives to international appraisal and valuation groups.
Between you and me, when the board of directors approved this program, they didn't restrict how many Ambassadorships could be granted.
The former AFSA presidents deemed that "the three candidates represent a continuation of an increasingly unsavory and unwise practice by both parties, one that contravenes the Foreign Service Act of 1980, which calls for "demonstrated competence in nominees for ambassadorships.
Hispanicize's marketing services features Latino social media influencer services including blog ambassadorships, research, blog product reviews, conferences and much more.
org/) showed that the Obama administration has thus far named 32 political appointees to ambassadorships, as compared to 25 career diplomats.
It is an intriguing thought, but would make it difficult for presidents to pay off their big contributors with ambassadorships to Barbados, Costa Rica, Ireland, and the Court of Saint James.
Prior to joining The Steele Foundation Ambassador Frowick was a career diplomat appointed to numerous Ambassadorships under four different U.
Senator from Texas, and held Ambassadorships to Burundi (1994 -1996) and Botswana (1996 -2000).
Before joining Boeing, Vos held numerous ambassadorships including nearly five years in the United States as Ambassador of the Netherlands.
Farland had held several small ambassadorships in Latin America during the Eisenhower administration.
Pendleton James, prior to establishing his executive search practice, served as Assistant to President Ronald Reagan for Presidential Personnel, The White House and was responsible for Cabinet and sub-Cabinet appointments in all Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government, Regulatory Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Ambassadorships.
Ambassador Djerejian's foreign service career spanned more than three decades and included assignments in Lebanon, Morocco, France, Jordan and Moscow as well as ambassadorships to Syria and Israel.