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Synonyms for amatory

of, concerning, or promoting sexual love or desire

Synonyms for amatory

expressive of or exciting sexual love or romance

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Here, Porter cleverly juxtaposes the Shakespearean plot with a real life amatory crisis between divorced Broadway stars Fred Graham (Quirijn de Lang) and his co-star Lilli Vanessi (Claire Wild) who, as they rage at each other on stage and off, have no idea that they are still wildly in love with each other (although it is quite clear to us from the word go).
As the Renaissance preoccupation with the Priapea, a group of explicit love poems that were tentatively associated with Virgil for many years, shows, people of Falcone's time were more at ease with the full range of amatory experiences than we are, but this could lead to guilt by association if the smut in Falcone's poetry were to be linked to the refined version of Platonic love from the Courtier that has dominated the reception of Falcone's friend Castiglione.
The 2016 Literature Humanities Core Preceptor Teaching Award recipient, Sahar is currently completing her dissertation "The Poetics of the Amatory Prelude in the Post-Classical Arabic-Islamic Encomium.
I READ the words "Boris" and "whopper"in the headlines and immediately assume he's bragging about his amatory prowess again.
The speaker imagines a traditionally Catholic space, a holy "Cell" that alludes to a convent, often depicted in late seventeenth-century amatory fiction by Aphra Behn.
3) Unlike the speakers in traditional amatory sonnet sequences by Petrarch and Dante who maintain a distance from their object of affection, Barrett speaks from a position in which consummation is a viable option.
Brecht's amatory experiences with Margarete Steffin, Ruth Berlau, Elisabeth Hauptmann, and Helene Weigel, his wife, were clear influences; we're left to wonder which ones, if any, were inspired by Bie Banholzer, the young girl who bore Brecht his first son.
Moreover, certain archival choices are somewhat mysterious (why not study other forms that traffic persistently in wonder, curiosity, and/or illusion--say, for instance, early amatory fiction, or the oriental tale?
He did not suppose that there had been any amatory correspondence to surpass Captain Porter in phrasing ideas of affection and vows of fidelity.
The poems are amatory, satirical, humorous, dedicatory, hortatory, sepulchral, and declamatory.
His second mistress--even more shallow--displays such amatory prowess that Daniel's passion for her evolves into genuine love.
Taking the imprisonment of young Jean of Berry by the English following the Treaty of Bretigny as its founding theme, the work participates in a 'burgeoning literary tradition which expounds Boethian philosophy in amatory terms' (p.
If his alleged amatory antics are true, Mr Balotelli is no shrinking violet.
The middle-class Pierce and Seward used the familiar trope of the natural world to represent their amatory friendships.
Is it only in Defoe's appropriation of it that the amatory novel revisits the Restoration political crisis?