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Synonyms for amative

Synonyms for amative

inclined toward or displaying love


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It is to the development, identification, and general prevalence of that fervid comradeship, (the adhesive love, at least rivaling the amative love hitherto possessing imaginative literature, if not going beyond it,) that I look for the counterbalance and offset of our materialistic and vulgar American democracy, and for the spiritualization thereof.
Erkkila suggests that, though "disingenuous," the claim is "not wholly at odds with the amative, reproductive, and familial languages and contexts in which he expressed loving relationships among and between men.
Fearing that her tones had been forgotten by the town she never forsook, and wondering just how I might interest the rantipole youths and roistering blades of Davenport in their native daughter, I took to decorating the men's rooms of that fair city with obscene graffiti about Octave's amative practices.
Suppose, then, it was a time and place--earnestly anticipated and vaguely predicted by Hester Prynne at the end of The Scarlet Letter--in which, in innocence or under the aegis of social reform, anyone could indeed pursue an amative attachment to anyone else.