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the conviction that people should participate in sports as a hobby (for the fun of it) rather than for money

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In particular, it's bound to raise the cry to dispense with amateurism and pay students to play.
On the one hand, the opinion repeatedly acknowledges that amateurism is itself a legitimate procompetitive end for the NCAA to pursue and 'that not paying student-athletes is precisely what makes them amateurs.
Historically in antitrust cases against it, the NCAA has relied on amateurism as a procompetitive justification for its actions.
It follows logically that if these athletes are bigger and more powerful than they were in the days of amateurism that every care has to be taken of the casualties of this sporting war.
Party sources of "Zhurnal" state they are astonished by Aliti's political amateurism, who has a practice to harm BDI with public statements.
Coverage includes the history of sports in Japan; current Japanese sports and sports law; tort law; illegal gambling and match-fixing; discrimination; taxation; dispute settlements; sports and status, including issues specific to amateurism and eligibility, and to student, semi-professional, and professional athletes; doping; sports and commerce; and sports and competition law.
The NCAA, the body investigating the claim, strongly disapproves of student-athletes making money - after all, the concept of amateurism is the foundation of college athletics.
The NCAA are very strict when it comes to amateurism," said former British tennis player Sarah Borwell who acts as a mentor to UK players wanting to attend North American universities.
18) Although most NCAA bylaws focus on amateurism and competition, in 1976 the NCAA proposed hundreds of amendments aimed at cutting costs for member organizations.
This is a classic example of rank amateurism in politicians.
CABINET ministers should be given the power formally to appoint their most senior civil servants to help end a culture of amateurism in Whitehall, according to an independent thinktank.
THE opposition yesterday accused the government of amateurism and political expediency over a due diligence on bank portfolios, which could render the island's debt unsustainable, leading to additional austerity measures.
With these temporary studios and our humble financial means, it all reeks of amateurism," she said.
Although made up of amateurs, that is, music lovers from primary and secondary schools and universities, this ensemble has been successfully going beyond the borders of plain amateurism for three decades.