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in an amateurish manner

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The United States has spent trillions of dollars since 2003 and has lost thousands of dead and tens of thousands of injured -- first by invading and effectively destroying the Iraqi state that had functioned for much of the previous century; then by feverishly and, it turns out, amateurishly training and equipping a new Iraqi army to replace the one it dismantled in 2003 on the orders of a real life comic strip character named Paul Bremer; and now by resuming military action in the form of more training and equipping schemes, alongside aerial attacks against ISIS.
Whose name," he enquired, "is scrawled amateurishly on a banner demanding his immediate departure?
12) Although Macedo generally held a critical attitude towards the amateurishly executed National Exhibition, he was at least satisfied with the focus on industrial and manufactured goods.
Part of the church is engraved in stone, the other built from amateurishly carved stone, put together by a mix of limestone and sand.
65 (dated 21 Feb 1918) of a set of galley proofs amateurishly bound together, probably by Il'in himself, for working purposes.
Still, while the narrative is compelling--if a bit amateurishly written by a daughter clearly in awe of her father's many accomplishments--it's the photos that really tell the story.
The pear-shaped vase was broken into six pieces and so amateurishly repaired that auctioneers started off the sale at just [euro]250.
Auctioneer Ben Rogers Jones said: "I knew the vase was of the highest quality and I described the painting in the catalogue as 'supreme',' but I felt that the damage was so bad, it would deter buyers - it had been smashed into Y=ve or six pieces and glued together quite amateurishly.
The juxtaposition of these two disparate representations is a reminder that it is in the absence of an audio-visual record of Abu Turki's interrogation that this sketch was retroactively and amateurishly drawn.
and sources but it is very hard to do even amateurishly, Hakobyan said.
We exercise language, strenuously, perhaps winsomely, at the cost of all sorts of embarrassment, amateurishly or with great skill, in order to do something together, something that feels like art, and also like the making of a face.
Its dark eyes look bleakly out of a face that appears to have been smeared amateurishly with grease-paint.
On the whole, WAR CHHOD NA YAAR is an interesting idea, coupled with noble intentions, but is treated amateurishly.
This time, Bain's plea of innocence did not fall on deaf ears, as just another amateurishly handwritten motion from yet another prisoner claiming he was railroaded.
If physical persons want to sell wine, they will no longer be able to amateurishly do so with their own recipe but they will have to have a faculty diploma or an agreement with someone who has a diploma in the field of wine producing and winegrowing.