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a businessman who arranges an amalgamation of two or more commercial companies

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However, it has surpassed everything that might bring the Arabs together and has become the main amalgamator whose hegemony cannot be ignored, although some have opened the windows to it instead of the doors, in the hope they would deter it
The assistant mixed Fuji IX and KME manually and KMA mechanically for 10 seconds (Duomat 2 amalgamator, Germany), in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Mercury was determined by atomic absorption spectrometry using a silicon UV diode detector Leco AMA-254, after pyrolisys of each sample in a combustion tube at 750[degrees]C under an oxygen-rich atmosphere and collection on a gold amalgamator.
Consistent with his earlier emphasis on the role of the poet as amalgamator and uniter, Whitman in "Passage to India" presents the poet as "the true son of God" whose songs can "soothe," "justify," "speak," and "bind" the disparate elements of the material world and the searching spirit (5.
To reduce the crystal size, a small amount of catalyst was placed in an electric pulverizing ball mill, or "wiggle bug" (Crescent Amalgamator Model #3110B), and milled for approximately 30 sec just prior to use.
Lemaitre was a keen and proficient amalgamator of relativity, quantum physics, and observations.
Freeze-dried endosperms were pulverized in a Wig-L-Bug Dental Amalgamator (Crescent Dental Mfg.
The sum had been earmarked to pay back a portion of the amalgamator guild's debt, incurred through restoring the Huancavelica mercury mines.