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a businessman who arranges an amalgamation of two or more commercial companies

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To reduce the crystal size, a small amount of catalyst was placed in an electric pulverizing ball mill, or "wiggle bug" (Crescent Amalgamator Model #3110B), and milled for approximately 30 sec just prior to use.
The sum had been earmarked to pay back a portion of the amalgamator guild's debt, incurred through restoring the Huancavelica mercury mines.
If there ever was such a thing in white eyes as the ethical amalgamator, Thomas Jefferson was the prototype," Rothman argues.
Contract awarded for amalgamator, must contain electronic circuits for control of time and power, metal arms to hold the capsule mixer with lid and voltage 110-115 v (j-0782 outpatient)
Venture Soft is Asia's leading creator and amalgamator of anime and manga entertainment, with strong ties to virtually all of Japan's top artists working in the genre today and an unparalleled network of creative and business alliances throughout the world, including through its distribution joint venture partnership with Pacific Century Cyberworks Japan for distributing its anime and manga content throughout Asia.
The following products are included within each segment: Dental furniture and equipment: dental office furnishings; cavity preparation systems and air abrasion units; dental lasers; computer-aided drafting/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems, sterilizers and autoclaves; amalgamators and mixers; imaging/x-ray devices and related equipment; laboratory equipment; and other dental equipment, including dental instruments and tools.