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A significant direct effect also exists between career consequence and work family conflict (Gordon, Whelan-Berry & Hamilton 2007, Amah 2010).
In "Ayi Kwei Armah and a Commonwealth of Souls", Henry Chakava observes that Amah is sensitive to all kinds of filth, from the indecency of speech to that filth which is the natural result of decay, use and age.
Furthermore, the facts that Billie's landlady Magi and her sister-in-law Amah provide a sisterly solidarity during her depression, and that due to her depression Billie is labeled as "a mad woman in the attic" by the men around her, strengthen the feminist aspect of the play.
Flora learns of the wartime occupation of the island, the native cock fighting, and the unspoken social dynamics that account for a cook and an amah known only as "cook" and "amah.
A George Street Playhouse presentation of a musical revue in two acts created by Michael Bush, Michael Amah and Joel Silberman.
I earn 700 yuan a month [by way of comparison, my host in Beijing had an amah who earned 1,000 a month].
Ever since leaving Ivory Coast to study abroad in 1984, Amah Assiama had dreamed of returning to Africa.
We deduce, from the signed label ("Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonenfis, Alumnus Nicolaii Amah, Faciebat Anno 1666"), that he was apprenticed to Nicolo Amati.
All three are represented as cruel and inhuman in different ways, a stark contrast with the feminine culture, which attracts Camoes and provides him with a haven on the Ilha Verde where he is cared for by Pilar and her amah.
The third of seven children, Ambrose Pratt, was nursed by a Chinese amah and was endlessly intrigued by his grandfather, Henry Pratt, a physician turned Orientalist, who spent the last twenty-five years of his life seeking scholarly and spiritual enlightenment in India and Tibet.
Forget the romantic illusions about oil for the lamps of China, the friendly amah who raises your children, the Pearl Buck stories.
Amah is there the moment I open the door, silent as a waiting sentinel, and brings a chair for me to sit on.
shed, shamed, shame, shaman, sham, shade, shad, mush, mesh, mashed, mash, hums, humane, human, hued, hems, headsman, heads, headman, head, hands, hand, hams, hades, dash, ashen, ashamed, amah, ahem, ahead, UNASHAMED Wordsquare: G.
Mayoralgo de la Cruz, chief of the military's Western Mindanao Command (Wesmincom), identified the slain bandit leaders as Mohammad Said, alias Amah Maas; Sairul Asbang, and a certain Abu Latip.