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a tiny sac for holding air in the lungs

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a bony socket in the alveolar ridge that holds a tooth

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One may conduct procedures to preserve the ridge or seal the alveolus, which offers longlasting advantages, such as preservation of ridge volume or reduction of therapy time for prosthetic restoration.
collacone[R] max is an innovative, biomimetic composite cone designed for socket preservation, which supports the osseous regeneration of the alveolus and prevents soft tissue collapse.
The sites of involvement in the oral cavity were oral tongue in five patients, alveolus in two, gingivobuccal sulcus in one, and hard palate in one.
A 19 year-old girl was reported in a dental clinic for the unpleasing smile (Figure-1A)because of her unilateral cleft lip and alveolus of left side of maxilla in which surgical correction done 12 years back.
The answer lies in examples such as the relationships between villus structure and nutrient absorption in the small intestine (Figure 1), nephron structure and water retention in the kidneys (Figure 2), alveolus structure and gas exchange in the lungs (Figure 3), root-hair structure and nutrient absorption in plants, leaf ventation and nutrient transport (Figure 4), and any other function in which surface area is key to life support.
KL-6 is expressed on the surface of type II alveolar epithelial cells which consist of the walls of the alveolus (interstitium).
Alveolus produces stents for esophageal, tracheobronchial, and biliary stenting procedures.
As indicated above, oxygen flows down its concentration gradient from the alveolus into the blood.
The Food and Drug Administration staff reminded a "wide breadth" of companies that make bile-duct stents of the agency's marketing rules, said Eric Mangiardi, president of stent maker Alveolus Inc.
Each tiny alveolus is surrounded by small blood vessels called capillaries.
By focusing its attention on a growing yet underdeveloped medical field and through cooperation with its advisory board members, Alveolus Inc.
Each "grape," or alveolus, shares with other alveoli an opening into a duct connecting it to the respiratory bronchiole.
Alveoli (singular-alveolus)--The alveolus is a thin walled sac, at the very end of the airway, where gas exchange takes place.