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a tiny sac for holding air in the lungs

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a bony socket in the alveolar ridge that holds a tooth

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Turhan's success with our Next Generation Technology in Istanbul," commented Eric Mangiardi, President and CEO of Alveolus, Inc.
The Thoracic Advisory Board will be rounded out with the addition of several international physicians, which Alveolus hopes to identify in the coming months.
With the addition of BVM Medical, Alveolus is now poised to gain a significant percentage of the non-vascular stent market in Europe.
With the Alveolus removable device, physicians will be able to place stents temporarily and in less traumatic, less invasive procedures.
With the approval of the CE mark, Alveolus is now set to market and sell their next generation stents in the European Union (EU).
Like the physician-guided approach in the gastrointestinal space, Alveolus assembled the largest known collective pool of physician-based expertise in the medical specialty of interventional pulmonology to design the pulmonary device.
Through a contracted advisory board of world-leading interventional pulmonologists, Alveolus has designed the next generation of stent technology and delivery device applications in the emerging field of non-vascular stenting.
Five of the world's top pulmonologists have agreed to serve as the physician-advisory board of Alveolus, a medical device biotechnology company in Charlotte, N.
The endogenous surfactant system of patients with ARDS is compromised in several ways: the inciting disorder may directly damage type II pneumocytes and decrease the synthesis, secretion, and composition of surfactant or produce abnormal surfactant aggregate forms; plasma proteins in the pulmonary edema fluid may inhibit surfactant properties; and the products of inflammation, such as proteases and reactive oxygen species, may interfere with surfactant function, as well as processing of the substance in the alveolus.
The closure of the alveolus with mucoderm[R] punch stabilizes the blood coagulum, protects the alveolus from contaminations, and supports the preservation of the soft tissue contour.
A socket, or alveolus, in the upper jaw shows it had large, canines, that were round in cross-section much like those of a meat-eating marsupial, called the spotted-tailed quoll, found in Australia today, the researchers said.
Instead of using a multilayer construction with a foamed core, or ribbing or corrugating the pipe wall, it is extruding its AlveHol pipes (from alveolus, a name for a honeycomb cell) with longitudinal cells in the wall, which create a "honeycomb" structure for strength and stiffness, leaving the inner and outer surfaces smooth.
Alveolus structure and gas exchange in the lungs, nephron structure and water retention in the kidneys, villus structure and nutrient absorption in the small intestine, and root-hair structure and nutrient absorption in plants are all biological examples in which surface area plays a key role in living things.
Esophageal pressure measurement, were it very simple to record and entirely representative of average pleural pressure, which currently, it isn't, would not allow calculation of the actual pressure applies across the alveolus.
KL-6 is expressed on the surface of type II alveolar epithelial cells which consist of the walls of the alveolus (interstitium).