alveolar ridge

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a ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaws and contains the sockets of the teeth

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In this study DFDBA allograft was used as a useful substitute for autogenous allograft in patients with alveolar ridge defects.
12] The ability to predictably augment the alveolar ridge with deficient bone volume has greatly benefited patients with such challenging situations.
Chow, Histopathlogical reaction to calcium phosphate cement for alveolar ridge augmentation, J.
For example, /t/ and /d/ are both stops (manner) and they are both classified as lingua-alveolar (place) sounds because they are produced by contact between the tongue and the alveolar ridge.
In instances where extraction of primary infra-erupted molars occurs when permanent successors are absent, the buccal lingual reduction of the alveolar ridge usually does not compromise future placement of implants [Ostler and Kokich, 1994], though it may dictate the buccal lingual orientation of the implant.
This tumour is a different entity from other granular cell tumours, has a predilection for female newborns (8:1) and arises predominantly from the maxillary gingiva (3:1) compared to the mandibular alveolar ridge (1).
If you're not familiar with the term "Distraction Osteogenesis" then you need to read "Implant Site Preparation with Distraction Osteogenesis" by LTC (Ret) Philip Pandolfi in which he describes a new technique to manage reconstruction of defects of the alveolar ridge.
Other dental findings include neonatal teeth, serrated alveolar ridge, supernumerary frenula and pseudo cleft lip resulting from a hyperplastic midline frenum.
The description of the hard d consonant is a case in point: Hopkin advises that "the tip of your tongue should rise to touch the upper front teeth instead of the alveolar ridge, thereby making the 'hard' d" (p.
3) The alveolar tap /r/ seemed to be just that, a single quick tap on the alveolar ridge [r].
alveolar ridge expansion with split cortical technique, guided bone regeneration, sinus lift thru the osteotomy site, etc.
o e in The procedure is performed before fitting dentures, on people whose alveolar ridge underlying the gums would not otherwise be even enough for dentures to be fitted easily or worn comfortably.
However, approximately 10% occur in the head and neck, most commonly in the mandible, followed by the alveolar ridge of the maxilla, with similar gender distribution.
As pain in the mandible kept her away from school during the fall/autumn of 2008, another 4 dental implants were installed in the very narrow alveolar ridge (Nobel Biocare, TiU MKIII 3.
Recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor (rhPDGF) is now used widely in bone and periodontal regeneration and treatment of gingival recession, as is recombinant human bone morphogenic protein 2 (rhBMP-2) in sinus floor reconstruction and alveolar ridge augmentation associated with extraction sockets.