alveolar ridge

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a ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaws and contains the sockets of the teeth

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The ISQ values were higher in the group which had alveolar ridge augmentation irrespective of the time of measurement.
sup][4],[15],[16] Two small vessels or branches of the sublingual arteries enter the foramina on the lingual cortical plate in the lateral incisor region, close to the crest of the alveolar ridge.
Overdenture obtains the dual support of both residual alveolar ridge and abutment teeth [13,14].
8) The position of the front of the tongue for [[epsilon]] places the tip of the tongue just below the middle of the alveolar ridge.
The alveolar ridge mucosa possesses viscoelastic properties and is, therefore, one of the main supporting tissues for complete dentures in edentulous patients.
In this study DFDBA allograft was used as a useful substitute for autogenous allograft in patients with alveolar ridge defects.
oval space--a space between upper and lower alveolar ridge during jaw-jowl contraction,
Granulomatous tissue at the alveolar ridge along with an ulcer at the tip of tongue was seen in another case (Fig.
However, reconstruction of the alveolar process through an alveolar bone graft is generally approved for the treatment of CLP patients with involvement of the alveolar ridge.
However, this time round instead of the airstream escaping through intermitted release phases as in the case of repetitive contacts for the trill--which are characterised by contact of tip of tongue with the alveolar ridge and release of this contact over and over again--it now escapes on the sides of the tongue, hence lateral, and with a lot of turbulence, hence fricative.
Regarding the site distribution in the orofacial region, the most commonly involved sites in descen- ding order were tongue, lip mucosa, buccal mucosa, face, sublingual mucosa, hard palate, alveolar ridge, retromolar area, soft palate, angle of mouth and flo- or of the mouth.
11,12) Thus, CBCT is frequently used for preoperative assessment of the alveolar ridge and maxillary sinus in patients receiving implants in the posterior maxilla.
The first step was achieving significant tissue expansion (>2 cm) using Osmed pellets, guided into the submucosa and kept over the alveolar ridge for several months (Fig.