alveolar process

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a ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaws and contains the sockets of the teeth

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Therefore, the need for publishing more cases regarding the results of alveolar process bone fracture healing with mature and immature teeth should be carefully evaluated for proper future treatment planning.
Lastly, the loss of teeth determines the reabsorption of the alveolar process, which creates distortions in the shape of the arch and the appearance of depth in the palate.
1) Because of their position in the facial soft tissues rather than in the alveolar process, the term nasolabial cyst has been preferred.
The remaining chapters address common dental traumas such as concussion and subluxation; intrusion; and fractures of the root, crown, and alveolar process.
The typical radiographic appearance is that of a triangular or semicircular radiolucency with the narrow part of the lesion toward the alveolar crest, often with a radiodense border, and located within the alveolar process between the roots of teeth.
Measurements are classified as belonging to the alveolar process (A) and its subdivisions, the incisor (In) or molar (Mo) alveolus, or to the ascending ramus (M) and its subdivisions, the coronoid process (Cr), the condyloid process (Cn), the angular process (Ag), or the masseteric region (Ms).
Inferiorly, it extended up to alveolar process of maxilla.
Approximation of alveolar process before surgery also enables surgeons to perform gingivoperiosteoplasty (GPP) successfully.
Inflammation of periodontal tissue leads to progressive destruction of periodontium and alveolar process bone, and to the formation of periodontal pockets [13].
The mandible showed extrusion of both the alveolar process and remaining dentition (Fig.
Maxillary alveolar process (AP) and front teeth are traumatized more frequently than any other parts of the maxilla (Belchenko et al.
The relationship between the density of the alveolar process and that of postcranial bone.