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Mouth pressure was recorded during airway occlusion under the assumption that mouth pressure equilibrates with alveolar pressure during transient interruption of airflow (Chowienczyk et al.
Indeed, a PPLAT of 35 cmH2O represents the normal peak alveolar pressure necessary to reach TLC.
If one considers what the interstitial pressure is during negative and positive pressure ventilation, the inescapable conclusion is that for the same lung volume, it must be higher under controlled conditions, even when end expiratory alveolar pressure is the same or PEEP is not used.
Alveolar pressure pushes both the lung and the chest wall outward, so that some percentage of the recorded plateau pressure results from the recoil of the chest wall.
Therefore, according to the laws of physics, which roughly states that pressures within a connected closed tubular system are basically equal, airway pressure changes in the mouth are equal to alveolar pressure changes ([DELTA]PA).