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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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Key words: alveolar bone loss, blood lead, lead, NHANES, periodontal disease, smoking.
Efficacy of bisphosphonates for the control of alveolar bone loss in periodontitis.
The relationship between alveolar bone loss and proximal caries in children: prevalence and microbiology.
Glycemic control and alveolar bone loss progression in Type 2 diabetes.
Another fundamental problem for edentulous individuals with marked alveolar bone loss is that they are unable to close their jaws sufficiently to get their alveolar ridges near enough to grip items of food successfully.
The mechanisms behind the pathologic effects of lead on bone include the ability to promote inflammation, which is pertinent to periodontal disease, where disruption of the host inflammatory response is considered an important factor in disease progression and subsequent alveolar bone loss.
Patient-based assessments of clinical periodontal conditions in relation to alveolar bone loss [Electronic version], J Clin Periodontol 2004; 31: 208-13.
In case of periodontal disease and of alveolar bone loss, the center of resistance will be modified, and the application point of orthodontic forces will vary.
However it has been shown that IO and ankylosis of primary molars does not constitute a general risk of future alveolar bone loss mesial to the first permanent molars.
When the primary molar is extracted in the absence of underlying permanent successors, there will be alveolar bone loss.
One study using DMP1-null mice, (a mouse model of HR), demonstrated an early-onset periodontal defect in these mice with porous alveolar bone, and defective cementum, consequently, there was significant interproximal alveolar bone loss, combined with detachment between the periodontal ligament (PDL) and cementum in these mice.