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The study focuses on different aluminum castings, extrusions, forgings and sheets.
While aluminum has taken the second position, it is still a long away behind steel, which has an average content per vehicle of 1,800 lb.
The Alzheimer's risk with aluminum hasn't been well defined," says Robert Yokel, a University of Kentucky pharmacy professor who is studying aluminum for the NIEHS.
27]Al magic-angle spinning, which detects different types of aluminum complexes in solids.
Vehicles built in North America this year will have an average 274 pounds of aluminum per vehicle with passenger car aluminum content increasing 25 pounds and light truck content increasing 22 pounds, says the study.
Anyone with sense or experience, or both, will think this is exceedingly unlikely to lead to a biology of aluminum.
Except that the directors hope their decision will inspire a national movement away from aluminum bats, which have transformed amateur baseball in the past two decades.
Molds for 1-2 oz to 6-qt containers of aluminum or beryllium-copper.
Just a 1 percent change in the national recycling rate would not only reduce the national trade deficit, it would provide a source of 40 million pounds of aluminum per year," he says.
To prove the point, the describes how the aluminum castings that provide the attachment points for the suspension components are CNC machined with a precision that exceeds steel frame fabrication techniques.
I've said it from day one: This building is 50 years ahead of its time,'' says Albert Grossman, 77, a retired aluminum subcontractor.
Molds are made from aircraft aluminum, beryllium copper, or prehardened and stainless steel.