aluminium oxide

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any of various forms of aluminum oxide occurring naturally as corundum

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In this study, mixed acid solution was used to create the aluminium oxide film with controlled morphology.
The morphology and structure of porous aluminium oxide film obtained were characterised by Scanning electron microscope (SEM) model JEOL JSM-6460LA SEM.
In this study, the average pore diameter of aluminium oxide film was increased at temperature 5[degrees]C to 15[degrees]C, but it was decreased when the temperature was increased to 20[degrees]C and 25[degrees]C.
Figure 3 shows the effect of anodising temperature on formation of aluminium oxide films on substrate surface.
The plant produces aluminium oxide from dross under Taha's mechanical separation process at the site of the New Zealand Aluminium Smelters (NZAS) plant.
This plant uses aluminium oxide produced from the Taha metal separation process in Tiwai to make the fertiliser.
However the more plants Taha signs up for recovering metal and aluminium oxide the more fertiliser it will be able to produce.
OAL derived 52%, 28%, 14% sales from its three main products namely refractories, fused aluminium oxide grains and monolithics respectively.
On the other hand, printing process can cause mechanical, physical and chemical changes of the aluminium oxide film as well.
In this paper, change of the aluminium oxide surface is characterized by application and contact angle measurement of different defined solutions on printing plate samples.
Physical and chemical characteristics of the aluminium oxide layer were measured by DataPhysics OCA30 videobased contact angle measurement device.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Abrasive Aluminium Oxide Industrial Cloth Buffing Wheel Size Od60 Mm X Width 60 Mm X Shank 6 Mm 80 Grit Qty: 1000 No 2)Abrasive Aluminium Oxide Industrial Cloth Buffing Wheel Size Od80 Mm X Width 80 Mm X Shank 6 Mm 80 Grit.
8 Mm (Id) - Aluminium Oxide Vitrified Equivalent To A 46 N5 V30.