aluminium chloride

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a chloride used as a wood preservative or catalyst

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Instead of training pigs to apply deodorant under their little legs--or even wings for that matter--researchers apply the aluminium chloride as a spray on the floors of facilities, it mixes in with excrement and lessens the stench.
After rinsing, dry thoroughly and apply an underarm antiperspirant containing aluminium chloride.
The products contain alcohol denat, aluminium chloride and dimethicone copolyol, but if you need to look cool, calm and collected, it might just be the answer.
The best over-the-counter remedies for excess sweating contains a chemical called aluminium chloride hexahydrate which forms a cover on the skin to stop sweat flowing.
Tenders are invited for Annual repair contract For Procurement Of Poly Aluminium Chloride And Hydrochloric Acid
Moore also discovered the aluminium chloride significantly decreases ammonia emissions generated when hundreds of farm animals are raised under one roof.
Rolling out now to retailers, including Tesco and Waitrose, the product is perfume-free and contains no alcohol or aluminium chloride.
Foot antiperspirants containing 20 per cent aluminium chloride are available from the chemist.
This contains aluminium chloride hexahydrate 20% and is a potent antiperspirant that can be used every night until the problem improves and then used every few days thereafter to control perspiration.