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a compound of alumina and a metallic oxide

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Portland cement also contains tricalcium aluminate and tetracalcium alumina ferrite.
Rare-earth aluminate garnets are an important family of multi-functional ceramic materials.
Wisener further informs, 'GeoKrete is completely sustainable, with an extraordinarily low carbon footprint compared to Portland or calcium aluminate based cements because it is manufactured mostly from recycled materials .
The abovementioned facts can be considered among the reasons for the faster modification of bone damages in the group of mixed nano silicate calcium in the presence of only 2% of tricalcium aluminate nanoparticles.
The interaction of copper with the support is revealed through the formation of copper aluminate, Cu[Al.
To understand the physics of condensed matter, researchers are studying the interface between strontium titanate and lanthanum aluminate, insulators that act as conductors at their interface.
On the other hand, the hydration process of EndoBinder yields calcium aluminate and aluminum hydroxide hydrates.
They cover calcium aluminate cements; alternative low-carbon-dioxide green clinkering processes; the microscopy of clinker and hydraulic cements; industrial X-ray diffraction analysis of building materials; Reitveld quantitative phase analysis of ordinary Portland cement clinkers, cements, and hydration products; supplementary cementious materials; and deleterious reactions of aggregate with alkalis in concrete.
It converts the aluminum gibbsite salts in the waste to sodium aluminate, which also can be removed with water.
These compounds solve problems such as the formation of aluminate waste, low yield, cumbersome product recovery, and nonreuse of the catalyst.
Gao, F, Xiong, Z, Xue, Hao and Liu, Y, "Improved Performance of Strontium Aluminate Luminous Coating on the Ceramic Surface", Symposia D, E and F from MRS International Materials Research Conference, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 152, 2009.
The uncured composition of claim 1, wherein the layered filler comprises at least one silicate selected from montmorillonite, nontronite, beidellite, bentonite, volkonskoite, laponite, hectorite, saponite, sauconite, magadite, kenyaite, stevensite, vermiculite, halloysite, aluminate oxides, hydrotalcite and mixtures thereof.
09 % ) at 550, 750 and 950 Co by leaching sodium aluminate in soda - based liquor in an open system and precipitating Al (OH)3 with CO2 gas than in a reflux condensed system (73.
1 Calcium Magnesium Aluminate Flux--The New Synthetic Fluxing Materials
MTA is cement composed of tricalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, tricalcium oxide, silicate oxide and bismuth oxide.