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someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being

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Now, Altruist works with organisations across the region, including Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Fire Service and NatWest.
Based on an extensive review of open-source journalistic reports, we examined the available psychobiographic information and histories of 43 lone wolf terrorists and have been able to differentiate four types of lone wolves: glory seekers, hero worshipers, lonely romantics, and radical altruists (Behav.
Taj Abadi et al [8] also claim that altruism and martyrdom possess many positive effects, which remove most of various deviations from the community including improvement of faith and its impact on God's subservience and refinement of human, strengthening of defensive power in Islamic community, resuming the religious task of enjoining of goods and forbidding of evils, reinforcement of altruist spirit in the society.
Altruist plans to expand Bubbly even more aggressively now.
Glyphs related to UFOs are found all over the world, particularly at the Sandy Shores hippie camp and scary Altruist mountain hideaway, ringed in alien code that can possibly be decrypted as well.
The nomination is an international appreciation for Mandela's 67 years of altruist services aimed at uprooting racism, establishment of social justice, and inspiring millions of people around the globe to try to establish a better world for all.
Chauhan, who is a true philanthropist and an altruist, announced that the OPD and all the services offered by it will be free of cost during the initial three months for everybody and would cater to all strata of society.
There's virtuous environmental altruist Buck Anderson, rich, ambitious patriarch Atticus Golden, and Donovan's charming, stew-making Irish mother, Mary.
From her start, America was torn by the clash of her political system with the altruist morality," Rand declared.
Ryan was drawn to Rand's novels, with their rejection of "the altruist morality," making narcissism a social virtue; her exhortation that man must not only strive for "physical values" - her heroes were hot - and self-made wealth, but a "self-made soul.
You might get the desire to do something altruist and helping someone out can give you a buzz.
However, the altruist in me dictates that there is one nagging issue lurking in the back of my head.
12) The altruist model assumes that one family member, the "altruist," has the lion's share of both resources and bargaining power, and concludes that the couple maximizes the altruist's utility function subject to the couple's resource constraint.
In September 2006, the anonymous altruist gave $2,000 to the Komen Evansville Race for the Cure; several months earlier he had conferred $2,500 upon the Visiting Nurse Association Hospice via the newspaper's office.