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someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being

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The techniques of developing altruist and martyrdom culture among the adolescents", Newsletter of altruist and martyrdom culture, October 13th
i], G), implies that individual contributions are interdependent, in that giving by one altruist directly increases the utility of other altruists.
The idea is that groups containing altruists possess survival advantages against groups that do not.
It could be that this model misspecifies the behavior of subjects by including egoists with altruists.
An altruist who wishes only to ameliorate the visible needs of people around them, or to help a particular group of people deemed to be in need, can pursue this end in the public or voluntary sectors.
Just as the altruist acts without regard for consequences to family and self, Jesus went so far as to respond, when told his mother and brothers were waiting, "Who are my mother and brothers?
The conclusion that even altruists have little incentive to become informed voters also casts a pall on the proposals of political theorists to improve the functioning of democracy through increasing civic-mindedness.
As the editors note, "An altruist intends and acts for the other's sake as an end in itself rather than as a means to public recognition or internal well-being, although such benefits to self need not be resisted" (3).
Does all of this mean that the altruist essence of medicine will be a casualty as doctors pursue the mighty dollar?
Motivation that is totally altruist should be suspect.
Parentalistic altruists are those whose concern for the welfare of others extends only to a willingness to provide for others particular things that the altruist thinks are good for them.
Just as surely as Toomer emerges as the manipulative, sexually obsessed egoist who is fearful of being exposed as a black wolf passing as a white wolf (unfortunately Larson advances a decidedly uncomplex reading of Toomer's extremely complex racial position), Larsen emerges as the principled and disciplined altruist in her final vocation as nurse.
This enables the altruist, therefore, to gratify his or her own needs to feel important by saying words and performing actions which will serve the needs of others.
Trained as both narcissist and altruist, a woman may feel guilty to have aged at all, and guilty about feeling guilty.
In some models, the altruist doesn't know the potential donee's true need.