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(of hatchlings) naked and blind and dependent on parents for food


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In nestlings of altricial birds, the mouth gape is usually brightly colored, and different marking patterns, which disappear when the bird is weaned, may be present, depending on the species.
Finally, the rat is an altricial species, so neurodevelopment in the immediate postnatal period corresponds to that in a second-to-early-third-trimester human fetus (Rodier 1988, 1995), in which exposure occurs via direct entry of the pesticides into the fetal circulation, rather than through oral, dermal, or inhalation routes.
Prehatching and hatching behaviors in birds: A comparative study of altricial and precocial species.
Partial nest predation in an altricial bird selects for the accelerated development of young.
The latter point is particularly important: the rat and mouse are altricial species, so brain development at birth corresponds to fetal stages of human development (Rodier 1988), and thus the concentrations or temporal factors for nicotine or ETS may not reflect those experienced in typical human exposure scenarios.
The female broods her altricial young extensively through day 6 after hatching, with time spent brooding decreasing after that (Johnson and Kermott 1993), especially after day 9 when nestlings become capable of thermoregulation (Dunn 1976).
As a result, dietary Ca requirements for altricial chicks could be higher than for precocial species like poultry fed a diet with readily available Ca and ample exposure to UVB.
Most species that exhibit female-only care either have precocial young, or among altricial species, breed in the tropics and feed young fruit or nectar, foods that may be so abundant that male assistance in feeding young is not necessary (Cockbum 2006).
It is unclear whether developmental trends in total leukocyte (white blood cell [WBC]) and differential lymphocyte (PropL) counts in peripheral blood of altricial birds typically mirror the known ontogenetic increase in immunocompetence.
We included other references that were found incidentally and excluded studies that tagged altricial young because parents are generally the main cause of tag loss through removal (Mattsson et al.
Embryonic heart rate in altricial birds, the pigeon (Columba dommestica) and the bank swallow (Riparia riparia).
They parasitize the nestlings of altricial bird species and can cause serious health problems (Sabrosky et al.
Alternatively, altricial nestlings that lack substantial feather growth probably require less food and more brooding than they do later as they develop (e.