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a cumulus cloud at an intermediate altitude of 2 or 3 miles

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Altocumulus generally form about 6,500 feet to 20,000 feet (2,000 to 6,100 metres) above ground level, a similar level to altostratus formations.
Mid-level altocumulus clouds can be banded or rounded in formation.
Leave the newspaper on the walk, the daily crapshoot-- a patch of sky still vague where Larry and all the others left on the threads of altocumulus, or where you recall trivial faces from that '50s game show--Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennet Cerf, and John Daly on What's My Line?
Altocumulus clouds forming, especially in the north, can tell of approaching bad weather if the prevailing winds happen to be coming out of the south.
In my eyes there are swells of altocumulus and mist.
Altostratus and altocumulus are the common mid-level clouds, explained Nasiri.
The dramatic clouds - altocumulus lenticularis - are usually found in mountainous regions due to very specific atmospheric conditions.
Also occurring at these altitudes are the speckled layers of sweeping altocumulus clouds--the mackerel sky'--another favourite with photographers.
EVENING GLOW: Brian Hutchinson of Hartburn, Stockton, photographed this spectacular sky of altocumulus clouds in Hartburn, left; GO WITH THE FLOW: Young photographer, Laina Christie, aged ten, captured this peaceful stream and woodland near Osmotherley, below; NATURE: A Mistle Thrush in the snow, photographed by Brian Swales of Letch Lane, Stockton, on January 3, above.
Divided into sections devoted to low, middle, and high clouds, this field guide to the sky includes such details as that cumulonimbus clouds are ferocious storm producers, that altocumulus lenticularis clouds look like UFOs, and that cirrostratus clouds have a tendency for form halos.
Thus, altocumulus is a puffy cloud at high altitude and cumulonimbus is a cumulus cloud that rains.