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a cumulus cloud at an intermediate altitude of 2 or 3 miles

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A major trough passed quickly south of the Cape, only to be succeeded even quicker by another system, while a northwesterly drift persisted aloft, as witnessed by several successive morning's turbulent altocumulus sheets.
Such a cloud formation, either Altocumulus Castellanus or Altocumulus of a chaotic sky, are both described as precursors of thundery weather.
The past few days, we were spectators to this volatility and the reflex which kept a shallow (some hundreds of feet deep) moister inflow, its visual identity was altocumulus revealing considerable instability, generally limited vertical cloud development, yet showers occurred around Rehoboth on Tuesday morning among other reported points.
The dramatic clouds - altocumulus lenticularis - are usually found in mountainous regions due to very specific atmospheric conditions.
EVENING GLOW: Brian Hutchinson of Hartburn, Stockton, photographed this spectacular sky of altocumulus clouds in Hartburn, left; GO WITH THE FLOW: Young photographer, Laina Christie, aged ten, captured this peaceful stream and woodland near Osmotherley, below; NATURE: A Mistle Thrush in the snow, photographed by Brian Swales of Letch Lane, Stockton, on January 3, above.
Divided into sections devoted to low, middle, and high clouds, this field guide to the sky includes such details as that cumulonimbus clouds are ferocious storm producers, that altocumulus lenticularis clouds look like UFOs, and that cirrostratus clouds have a tendency for form halos.