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any of various plants of the genus Althaea

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Austria contributes personnel to many areas of EUFOR Operation ALTHEA including the most senior position of COMEUFOR, the EUFOR LOT Houses in BrAko, Bratunac and Tuzla, EUFOR's Capacity Building and Training program, and the Multinational Battalion.
Althea has also recently secured its first manufacturing contract for the new facility, which is designed to develop, manufacture, test, and release HPPs including Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs), and other complex formulations of highly potent drugs.
Ajinomoto Althea Incorporated, a service provider for biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing drug programs, has installed and launched a new high-performance sterile vial filling line, the new Optima VFVM 7000 fill finish line, it was reported yesterday.
Bulgaria has been taking part in EUFORas Althea since its start in 2012.
The book is written in first person and Althea tells her story in the present tense.
com)-- Althea Jones, owner of The Black House Gallery, is inviting the public to come out and "vandalize" her gallery on September 10th and 11th from 10am to 2pm as part of an event titled Spray Days.
Althea Prince has received numerous awards for her writing.
In the said series, he is Anton Maceda, ex-husband of Althea Guevarra, played by Glaiza de Castro who is a battered wife.
Althea Mary (Richardson) EdstromHOLDEN - Althea Mary (Richardson) Edstrom passed away peacefully at Holden Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center after enjoying her family and friends over the Easter weekend.
Kawar said that the presence of the European Union Force Althea military deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR ALTHEA) was critical to allow the country to move forward on the path to peace and stability.
She is known for feeding Winnipeggers in need every week, but Althea Guiboche is speaking out as the parent of a boy who has been bullied at school.
Two reconnaissance platoons will be sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina for up to six months during the country's election period and will be based at the EUFOR (European Union Force) Althea headquarters in Sarajevo," the ministry said, Reuters reported.
Two reconnaissance platoons will be deployed to BiH for up to six months during the election period and will be based at the EUFOR Althea headquarters in Sarajevo.
EVERGREEN entertainer Althea Gaye, who once starred on the X Factor, is set to face her fear of flying - at the grand old age of 91.