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a painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table


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The National Gallery houses another important altarpiece from San Pier Maggiore: Jacopo's multi-tiered polyptych that was placed over the church's high altar around 1371, just over a century before Botticini painted The Assumption of the Virgin.
With just hours to spare, delighted staff hit the target which will finance work on the Passion Altarpiece, part of the original collection of valuable pieces built up over a century ago by the museum's creators John and Josephine Bowes.
Moreover, computer stations allowed the viewer to explore the extant altarpiece panels in the context of their original placement in the church of Sant' Agostino in Borgo San Sepolcro.
The altarpiece, not to the sisters' liking apparently, was broken up.
The Coventry window became in fact the altarpiece of Akureyri Church.
The spotlighting is differentiated in this show, so the illumination is substantially more intense on the Paris painting, serving to soften the coloristic and tonal disjunction between the two altarpieces.
Bastiano Mainardi; painter of altarpieces in Renaissance Tuscany.
Chapter 2 addresses the altarpiece of the Madonna of Loreto, painted by Caravaggio for the church of S.
Pople's exhibition, titled Bellini 21c, includes a work called Altarpiece in which the figures in the famous Bellini altarpiece in Venice are obscured by an image of a woman being penetrated from behind and having oral sex.
That was the ivory altarpiece of Durga Mahishasuramardini featuring Kartik wearing a hat and Durga, Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati sporting European crowns.
Margaret altarpiece currently housed in the Vatican, assigns the work's original home to the Cathedral of Montefiascone.
According to the author, only toward the end of his career did Bellini add a dimension of dynamism by playing on the slightly skewed composition that characterizes the Dtletti altarpiece in San Giovanni Crisostomo, a painting that anticipated the compositions of Sehastiano del Piombo and Titian.
Notable exceptions include Matthias Grunewald's Isenheim altarpiece.
Darren is from Meltham and altarpiece The Lamentation will be in the parish church, St Bartholomew's.
Pierpont Morgan while the single element of the predella, representing The Agony in the Garden, only rejoined the altarpiece in 1932 via another New York private collection.