altar boy

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a boy serving as an acolyte

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My name was picked but I would not do the altar boy.
Barrister Justin Levinson, representing the former altar boy, said in a writ lodged at London's High Court, that his client was sexually abused, assaulted and raped by Penney.
As an altar boy, I've celebrated Mass in the chapel here, so it's a funny feeling to be back.
I joined the ranks of the altar boys at my home parish of St.
Maybe news will reach Craven Cottage at half-time today that an altar boy at Westminster Cathedral has been taken ill just before evensong.
The secretly-filmed video broadcast on the SBT network showed a man who looks like Barbosa in bed and having sex with the altar boy in January last year.
At that time, a prospective altar boy had to learn certain phrases in Latin.
Fr Joe, one of nine children of a Washington couple, became an altar boy at Our Lady's RC Church in Village Lane, Washington.
In 2005, the diocese paid out pounds 700,000 in compensation to another former altar boy, known as Mr A, now aged 37, who had been abused by Fr Clonan.
A PENSIONER was celebrating yesterday after learning that he could be the longest serving altar boy in the world.
One day I am an innocent altar boy with the body of Christ on my tongue, the next day I am a sex addict eating virgin dewdrops.
When he was 17, Damon Intrabartolo, an altar boy at 7 and an organist at 13, went to confession to ask his priest, what he should do about the clandestine love affair he'd been having with another teenage boy.
A CARDINAL said to be a candidate to be the next Pope sent a fugitive priest accused of molesting an altar boy in Costa Rica to work in two remote parishes in Honduras,it was claimed today.
The former altar boy had been a Catholic for 57 years.
Bernard Kenny, the New Jersey Senate's majority leader and former altar boy, said he will leave the Catholic church.