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a contestant who loses the contest


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Pippa was a pushy also-ran until she revealed a pert arse at that wedding.
Summary: Pop singer Katy won a leading nine nominations for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Wednesday, reducing eccentric superstar Lady Gaga to also-ran status with just three nods.
Some of the multi-millionaire Chelsea stars will see the FA Cup as an also-ran competition - but Everton are mad for it.
Vickers was becoming the also-ran driver at Hendrick Motorsports.
He stole the spotlight well but it looks like his band will end up an also-ran of 2005.
The network was responsible for several full-page advertisements in the New York Times portraying Ford as a fuel-efficiency also-ran.
His reign ended when he came "only" sixth in 2000 and, after inching his way back up to fifth and then fourth the following two seasons, he became an also-ran in the race, managing only 28th place in 2003 and 25th last year.
Long seen as an also-ran in consumer electronics, LG is now a formidable global player and one of the most recognizable brands behind only Sony, Samsung and Philips.
Downtown, a perennial also-ran to midtown, might finally give its rival a run if things go according to Silverstein's plan.
Not only is the state a crucial battleground in the presidential race--one of the factors the Stonewall Democrats considers when deciding where to direct its money--but it is also the site of a fierce struggle to replace another presidential also-ran, Sen.
He was an also-ran in his job, never quite making the grade when he rose from being a local bobby to a CID detective and often coming second best to rivals in his personal life.
In fact, a head-to-head comparison with the Corolla and Civic reveals that the new Spectra has evolved from a cheap also-ran competing largely on the strength of price and warranty into a worthy rival that actually eats its better-known competitor's lunch in a number of key categories.
Ted Turner is an also-ran as a media mogul and the trailblazing news network he founded is basic cable's equivalent of your father's Oldsmobile.
As for entering a handsome hunk competition I would consider it to be lowering my standards to compete in a contest in which I would certainly be victorious, thereby causing humiliation and jealousy amongst a vainglorious bunch of also-ran mere mortals.