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of or pertaining to alphanumeric characters

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Alphanumerical codes are inexpensive but require human resources for code writing and data input.
In this case, the origin chip feature let the domain name intact, but it removed the rest of the appended alphanumerical texts from the URL.
Other types of scanners are not suitable because of lower resolution for embossed alphanumerical characters.
Fluidwell users already appreciate the simple, logical menu-driven structure of both the D-and F-Series, with alphanumerical descriptions of settings instead of confusing abbreviations and difficult codes.
One important development was made by Rosenblatt (1958) on alphanumerical character recognition when he presented the perceptron.
Consider the case of cookies, which are alphanumerical text files
Marmum Dairy received an overwhelming response from participants who entered the draw by sending an alphanumerical number printed on popular products of the brand including Marmum milk and ProActiv probiotic laban.
During the study, alphanumerical codes were used for all letters.
For some questions, the relative priority order was instead (or in addition) presented in the alphanumerical ordering of the themes.
The control module features a 16 character alphanumerical display and 20 key touch pad to programme test requirements.
The BBGID is a 12-digit alphanumerical identifier that comprehensively covers more than 36 million active and inactive securities globally.
Also from ITL, the lightweight Cobra day target acquisition binocular features a x6 magnification with a 6[degrees] field of view and a 16-segment alphanumerical display.
Quote MTF has also implemented Bloomberg's global identifiers (BBGID), a 12-digit alphanumerical security identifier that is maintained on the Bloomberg database and is automatically assigned to each security traded on Quote MTF.
Capacity: Able to encode up to 2300 alphanumerical characters (3116 digital characters) on a reduced surface.