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arrange in alphabetical order


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Finally, as the number of authors rises, the tolerance rule for alphabetizing would become more complex.
To make an effective filing system, experts recommend alphabetizing your relevant documents by subject or category.
Why women love to chat while men prefer gadgets and alphabetizing their CDs; and why a woman can tell when you're lying are some of the mysteries to be unravelled by a Cambridge professor tonight.
In other words, you want to take a column of consecutive numbers or words, say, from 1 to 5 or Able, Baker, Charlie, and flip the order--running from 5 to 1 or alphabetizing the words in reverse order.
Full-day classes were more likely than half-day classes to spend more time every day on letter recognition, letter-sound match, rhyming words, reading aloud and alphabetizing, for example.
It is provocative and informative in its discussion of alphabetizing audiences over the centuries, but I must confess with some regret that the chapter on Hawthorne left me no more enamored of him or his work than when I began.
The bibliography, although alphabetized and classified, follows a strange pattern of alphabetizing all over again within the category of titles beginning with articles (especially the).
Rios in four specific tasks involved in alphabetizing applications by date and returning them to her co-worker.
Formatting e-mail with different fonts; -- Attaching multiple files to e-mail; -- Alphabetizing address books, as well as adding personal data and