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Synonyms for alphabetical

relating to or expressed by a writing system that uses an alphabet


arranged in order according to the alphabet


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2 Horses whose trainer has more than one entry, ordered alphabetically by: (a) trainer, (b) horse.
Entries, most 1-4 pages long, are organized alphabetically by title.
Each directory includes company profiles presented alphabetically, geographically and by the product or service offered with listings including contact information addresses, web sites, e-mail and services provided, among other data.
Providing detailed descriptions for each alphabetically listed entry, A Dictionary Of Accounting And Auditing contains more than ten thousand such words and phrases as liquidation, deleverage, reasonable benefit limit.
The site's "Projects" section will be updated frequently and contains descriptions of recent experience that can be sorted by project type, discipline, client type, or alphabetically.
Alphabetically arranged and presented An Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Women In Early Films, 1895-1930 is an impressive collection of profiles identifying the women who were important to the development of movie making as an art and as a commercial enterprise.
This issue contains nearly 8,800 entries, covering general subjects, authors subjects arranged alphabetically and cinema.
Organized alphabetically by tribe or group, there is at least one representative Native American tribe from each language family or language isolate for each culture area covered.
Nonferrous specifications have been sorted by metal rather than alphabetically, and the guidelines for Paper Stock Domestic Transactions contain new language.
An ideal addition to family, day care center, and kindergarten library collections, A Swim Through The Sea is very highly recommended for all children ages 3 to 5 for its unique, original, colorful, and educational format showcasing an alphabetically arranged variety of fish and other water-life forms.
This concise book is clearly laid out and is arranged alphabetically with an overview of the composer's output and the added bonus of publisher references and contact.
Featuring a "user friendly" and alphabetically organized listing of diverse fish, seaweed and invertebrate aquatic life, Marine Life Of The Pacific Northwest offers a comprehensive compendium of more than 1,400 saltwater plants and animals, and includes a quick reference usability with guide, maps, glossary, index, and color-coded pages for easy information access and identification, as well as entries that include the common name, scientific name, size, range, depth, description, picture, description and comments, and more.
The other section includes an extensive list of farmers' markets arranged alphabetically by state.
Visitors may find words through a "Search" mechanism, from the alphabetically arranged master list, or from the list of "Recent" entries.
Projects can be checked out alphabetically or by date or type.