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a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for normal reproduction

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For example, gamma-tocopherol was more effective than alpha-tocopherol in inhibiting prostate cancer cell growth, reducing oxidative DNA damage, and increasing superoxide dismutase activity.
9,15) Vitamin E is generally used in l%-5% concentrations alpha-tocopherol or tocopherol acetate in over-the-counter products.
Effect of alpha-tocopherol treatment on activity of frozen thawed boar spermatozoa.
Cook-Mills had done previous allergy research in mice showing alpha-tocopherol decreased lung inflammation, protecting healthy lung function and gamma-tocopherol increased lung inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness, a characteristic of asthma.
Miia Kivipelto, director of the research from University of Eastern Finland, vitamin E exists in eight different natural forms (fat-soluble compounds) and the entire vitamin E family plays a role in protecting against memory disorders, not only alpha-tocopherol.
The present clinical trial was under taken to determine the efficacy of intrauterine administration of Levofloxacin and alpha-tocopherol combination in treating endometritis causing repeat breeding in crossbreds.
In fact one which recently finished, the selenium and vitamin E cancer prevention trial (SELECT), showed a higher incidence of prostate cancer in those men who took alpha-tocopherol supplementation.
Effects of alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene and ascorbic acid on oxidative, hormonal and enzymatic exercise stress markers in habitual training activity of professional basketball players.
The total amount of alpha-tocopherol in seminal plasma, or the percentage of motile spermatozoa is significantly related to sperm alpha-tocopherol content [13].
An increasing amount of positive research is pointing towards natural fullspectrum palm tocotrienol complex as having unique and far more significant health improvement potential than conventional vitamin E alpha-tocopherol.
Effect of vitamin e supplementation and partial substitution of poly with mono-unsaturated fatty acids in pig's diets on muscle, and microssome extract alpha-tocopherol concentration and lipid oxidation.
In this family, alpha-tocopherol is the active form of vitamin E in humans, and soybean seeds are a major source of dietary tocopherol.