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an amylase secreted in saliva

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Diurnal patterns of salivary alpha-amylase and cortisol secretion in female adolescent tennis players after 16 weeks of training.
Purification and some properties of an extracellular alpha-amylase from Bacteroides amylophilus.
Characterization of mutagenised acid-resistant alpha-amylase expressed in Bacillus subtilis WB600.
In this work optimization parameters for maximum production of alpha-amylase by Penicillium lilacinum IBGE 04 in submerged fermentation were studied.
Alpha-amylase production from catabolite derepressed Bacillus subtilis KCC 103 utilizing sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate.
Research in the past has shown that it's possible to control the release of the complexes by alpha-amylase enzyme hydrolysis and changes in moisture content and temperature.
On the basis of this agreement, Creative Biomart is going to provide High-temperature Alpha-amylase for beer, Mid-temperature Refining Alpha-amylase for beer, and Bacterial Alpha-amylase for Alcohol & Starch to this industrial giant.
Summary: Alpha-amylase was widely used in food industries, textile technology, paper manufacturing and so on.
A novel thermostable acidophilic alpha-amylase from a new thermophilic Bacillus sp.
Courtney Denning-Johnson Lynch, director of reproductive epidemiology at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and colleagues found that women with high levels of alpha-amylase - a biological indicator of stress measured in saliva - are 29 percent less likely to get pregnant each month and are more than twice as likely to meet the clinical definition of infertility, compared to women with low levels of this protein enzyme.
Scientists measured levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme in saliva that provides a biological indicator of stress.
The extract also modulates alpha-amylase, the enzyme that converts dietary starch into simple sugars, therefore affecting the rate at which sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream.
Hypothesis 4: It was hypothesized that post-activity fatigue levels, as measured by salivary cortisol and salivary alpha-amylase, would be negatively correlated with reading and numerical discrepancy index scores.
Researchers reported that the Italian Lamon variety Borlotto bean extract effectively blocks absorption of carbohydrates in animals by inhibiting the alpha-amylase enzyme.