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the normal brainwave in the electroencephalogram of a person who is awake but relaxed

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We observed left hemisphere dominant asymmetry in the presence of peppermint odor, alpha waves with difference in amplitude of 100 [micro]v.
Although, there are frequent transitions between waves during all the sleep, usually the beginning is related with alpha waves.
In addition to "relaxed focus, inner calm, peacefulness, or calm attention", alpha waves are associated with "cognitive efficiency" and "intellectual performance" (Chapin & Russell-Chapin, 2014).
The system was set up so that the animation was played forward, as if diving or moving forward into the fractal, when the current alpha wave amplitude generated by the subject was over its mean level.
Caffeine has consistently been shown to decrease EEG alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz) that appear during relaxation (Dimpfel et al.
These alpha waves show, among other things, how effectively the brain exploits the sensory information needed for learning.
Alpha waves with frequency between 8 and 13 Hz are associated with relaxation measured with EEG and directly stimulate the hypothalamus to produce endorphins among other functions.
Free time, unfocused thinking, access to alpha waves helps the brain to be creative.
where the device was developed, measured the alpha waves in the brain that were produced in conjunction with a test subject opening and closing his eyes.
Henschen described interventions to promote reverie (highs without drugs), such as slow wave alpha training, accompanied by pleasant feelings, and alpha-theta training (slow alpha waves combined with even slower theta waves), designed to help clients enter a meditative state, experience dissociation, and produce hypnagogic images of unconscious material.
I have to change frequency to tune into the animal; humans use beta frequency but animals use alpha waves, so I have to clear my mind to get to that alpha state.
In the first module, "cortical functioning," performed assessments on the basis of alpha-wave characteristics, including, nature of alpha rhythm, alpha-rhythm frequency, amplitude, topography, amplitude asymmetry, and changes in alpha waves in response to the provocative tests (see Table 1).
Alpha waves (9-13 Hertz (Hz) typically are seen when a person is relaxed and not focusing on a task.
Reson-8, for example, contains eight audio programs: three for inducing alpha waves, three for theta waves, and two for delta waves.
It has been proven that when people look upwards there is a change in brain activity as more alpha waves are produced, which instil feelings of peace and calm.