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(computer science) a first test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by the developer

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Less oversight is required during Alpha Test as the burden falls on the program manager to build the case necessary to deliver the incremental capability to the next user or integrator in the chain.
and formed an alpha test program for its first product, Circuit-Space, an automated component placement tool.
Marshall doesn't figure to face another Alpha test with the exception of Village Christian.
Typically the alpha test is followed by a "beta test," where the innovation is piloted with a group of average users to discover the fine-tuning necessary before general implementation of the innovation on a broad scale is undertaken.
Towards this end, Twitter has announced the launch of an alpha test group for Android, to allow users to try out apps and features even earlier in their development.
PokAaAaAeA@land is now available as an Android-only Alpha test in Japa The app itself requires an internet connection and users will need to sign-in using their Nintendo Accounts.
A recent survey conducted by RIM, of the BlackBerry developers using the 5,000 Dev Alpha test devices distributed during the BlackBerry Jam World Tour, found that 99 per cent of respondents had already started BlackBerry 10 projects.
2K's "Evolve" has just recently announced that the latest update has affected the release of the alpha test of the title.