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Vice president of mobile for Alpha Software, Bob Moore, says that it's a relatively simple endeavor to combine application development and management processes, as Apperian makes its application programming interfaces (APIs) readily accessible.
The PDSP's experiences, data, metrics, routines, sub-routines and best practices were collected in the four software units and stored in Alpha's Data Base by the Organizational Software Engineering Process Group (O-SEPG) with the purpose of sharing, exchanging, disseminating and creating collective knowledge and learning in order to renew and integrate Core Competencies and Capabilities (CCC) across the four Alpha software units.
In most corporations today, there's a huge gap between the need for responsive mobile business apps and the organization's ability to build them in a timely and cost-effective manner," said Richard Rabins, CEO of Alpha Software Corp.
Dabble DB developers can export their data by May 18, but now they're faced with rebuilding the business logic they perfected in Dabble DB," said Richard Rabins, Co-Chairman of Alpha Software.
With the announcement of Alpha Five version 7, Alpha Software is also announcing an integrated database hosting service, "Alpha Five-Online" that provides seamless hosting for Alpha Five web applications.
Alpha Software claims that the product also allows non-developers to create sophisticated web databases that rival those produced by professionals.
Incorporated in 2000, Alpha Software Express was a natural outgrowth of Alpha Software Engineering founded in 1992 to provide OpenVMS application services to a variety of customers, like Digital Equipment, Borland International and the Oakland Police Department.
Toronto, Canada-based SoftQuad International Inc has sold off the assets of its SoftQuad Inc web tools subsidiary and will concentrate instead on the childrens video game business it acquired last year with Alpha Software Corp (CI No 3,094).
Softquad International's Alpha Software division has released its new database for the Internet called WebFiler DB.
Complete Home Designer, Alpha Software, $60, (800) 451-1018 (ext.
The AlphaBlox founders--Richard and Selwyn Rabins of Alpha Software, and U.
While Microsoft might have abandoned them in terms of giving them a productive, affordable, and powerful platform for building web and mobile applications, Alpha Software is embracing them.
19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Alpha Software, the company that makes it easy to build responsive apps that run anywhere, has launched a new free service to keep developers wired with the hottest tech, business, and competitive trends shaping apps and the job market today.
Software company Guildsoft Ltd has announced the immediate availability of an Alpha Software Home/Personal Edition of its Alpha Five version 5 Windows database.
Richard Rabins, co-chairman of Alpha Software stated "Using ReportMailer along with Alpha Five version 5, companies can shave hundreds of hours off time consuming and boring tasks such as mailing out personalized documents and reports to customers, vendors, investors and prospects"