alpha rhythm

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the normal brainwave in the electroencephalogram of a person who is awake but relaxed

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In the present work, at the EEG registration, alpha rhythm was given attention, which normally is the most stable electrophysiological signal.
However, it is known to be positively correlated with the alpha rhythm and relaxation.
In the first group 64% of the children exhibited a hypersynchronic alpha rhythm recorded in the occipital and parietal areas, as did 63% of those in the second group and 25% of those in the third.
Reactivity of magnetic parieto-occipital alpha rhythm during visual imagery.
At sleep onset, the occipital EEG activity changes from a highly rhythmic, well-organized alpha rhythm to a lower-amplitude, more desynchronized EEG.
This three-miler will take some getting but Moscow Court is blessed with stamina and is preferred to Alpha Rhythm.
Noel Meade's course and distance winner Alpha Rhythm is an obvious danger while I also respect the chance of wide margin Clonmel winner Loss Of Faith.
This strapping five-year-old looks an exciting hurdling prospect and is napped to make a winning start to his jumping career, at the expense of David Wachman's Native Churchtown, winner of a flat maiden at Killarney before being turned over by Alpha Rhythm when odds-on for a maiden hurdle at Naas in August.
The alpha rhythm is the predominant EEG rhythm in the relaxed alert person.
On April 22, 1997, the patient was found to have intermittent alpha rhythm with lateralizing features.
This hypothesis is consistent with current understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying generation of the alpha rhythm.
An interesting description of alpha blocking was provided in an early study by Penfield and Jasper (1954) for Einstein, who showed continuous alpha rhythm while carrying out complex but for him fairly automatic mathematical operations.
Finally, Jose Maria Feola (Argentina, but a long-time resident of the USA) reported some interesting but nonsignificant results on the relationship between ESP and the brain's alpha rhythm.