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wool of the alpaca

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a thin glossy fabric made of the wool of the Lama pacos, or made of a rayon or cotton imitation of that wool

domesticated llama with long silky fleece


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Dianne opened Little Hamlet Alpacas Rescue Centre in Gwennap Pit, Cornwall, in 2008 after losing half her own herd to Bovine TB.
An important part of raising healthy alpacas is observing and predicting their behaviors.
Our study confirms that alpacas are susceptible to MERSCoV infection; this finding is consistent with a previous eport showing that alpaca kidney cell lines possessing the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 receptor could be infected in vitro (11).
The new notice has been designed to allow alpacas at a nearby breeding farm to cross the B4235 road, between Chepstow and Usk, safely.
Around 80 male and female alpacas from Ridge End Farm, at Falstone, are being sold at auction following the decision of Judith and Jonathan Russell to leave the industry.
HUNDREDS of alpacas descended on Coventry at the weekend for a prestigious two-day show at the Ricoh Arena.
A good way to start researching the business is to talk with other alpaca ranchers in your area.
2005 la frecuencia cardiaca en alpacas adultas y saludables tiene un rango entre 50 y 110 latidos/minuto con una media de 80, con lo cual observamos que los valores en las crias de alpaca son mas elevados.
They hope to use the alpacas to produce wool and to breed.
Evergreen State Fairgrounds will be the location of the first of its kind breeding and sales event for alpaca ranchers of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California.
Cuando viene la reforma agraria, Velasco se encuentra con un modelo monopolico en la comercializacion de la fibra y decide crear la entidad Alpaca Peru, que tuvo poco exito porque no logro entrar organicamente en el mercado, mientras que las otras empresas si estaban articuladas al mercado.
This week in Peru, she's asked to be a godmother to a little girl, a celebration, which just like alpaca herding also turns out to involve shearing and money changing hands.
I'm here to visit your alpaca farm so I was prepared for the sight of the 65 alpacas, but I wasn't expecting to see so many pugs.
Demand is growing for British alpaca fleeces and many knitters and crafters prefer their supersoft yarns.