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wool of the alpaca

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a thin glossy fabric made of the wool of the Lama pacos, or made of a rayon or cotton imitation of that wool

domesticated llama with long silky fleece


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Llysfasi's freshly sheared alpacas Lorenzo and Miguel, with professional shearers from New Zealand and students from the Ruthin campus
Judith said: "We fell in love with alpacas after we first saw them at the Northumberland Show and quite liked the idea of producing an animal we did not need for meat, but which have other qualities.
e event saw more than 400 alpacas take part in the halter classes judged by Australia's Peter Kennedy and America's Wade Gease.
Another great way to learn about the industry is to attend alpaca shows and events.
As of early July, all of the alpacas had been placed with new owners, except for two that will become part of the university's herd.
They hope to use the alpacas to produce wool and to breed.
Evergreen State Fairgrounds will be the location of the first of its kind breeding and sales event for alpaca ranchers of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California.
Newham Grange Country Farm boss Mark Saunders and the farm's baby alpaca, above, and wallaby, right 130913ANIMALS_05 PETER REIMANN
The Incas used to be fantastic alpaca herders, but that was 500 years ago and the present lot aren't doing such a great job of it.
Then a couple years ago there was an alpaca show at DCU, and I went both days.
Along with the alpaca livestock competition, a fiber festival hosted by RAD Fibers will be held on both Saturday and Sunday, with felting and weaving classes and a fiber arts competition.
BIRMINGHAM'S NEC has been packed with a hoard of cuddly cute woolly alpacas for a special show.
Alpacas come in many different colors, like the young animals in this photo.
Alpaca Futurity 2012 will see scores of alpacas from across Europe gather at the exhibition hall.