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loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers

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Note 1) Androgenetic alopecia, which is male-pattern alopecia, is a gradually progressive hair-thinning and alopecic disease with replacement of thick long hair by thin, short and soft hair without hair regeneration localized in the parietal to the frontal region under the effect of androgenic hormone after puberty, finally leading to atrophy in the hair follicles and reduction in the number of hair.
While she lived in Italy, she had exhibited alopecic, pruritic, and crusty skin lesions, mainly around the face and on the forearms and hind legs.
More frequent clinical features consisted of crusting and scaling alopecic areas, with patchy hair loss without significant itchiness.
This richly diverse group inhabits a truly amazing online world, where its members meet day and night to encourage one another and share information about the best resources for bald and alopecic men, women, and children.
From dogs with atopic dermatitis, inflamed skin, which was typically alopecic from self-trauma due to pruritus, was sampled.