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a purgative made from the leaves of aloe

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Huge pomegranate trees, with their glossy leaves and flame-colored flowers, dark-leaved Arabian jessamines, with their silvery stars, geraniums, luxuriant roses bending beneath their heavy abundance of flowers, golden jessamines, lemon-scented verbenum, all united their bloom and fragrance, while here and there a mystic old aloe, with its strange, massive leaves, sat looking like some old enchanter, sitting in weird grandeur among the more perishable bloom and fragrance around it.
I whispered her name, and she drew aside behind an aloe bush, and, making pretence that her foot was pierced with a thorn, she lingered till the other women had gone by.
The bamboos and the custard apples, the poinsettias and the mango-trees in the garden stood still while the warm water lashed through them, and the frogs began to sing among the aloe hedges.
The Jackal had watched it time and again from the aloe hedges by the side of the line, and the Adjutant had seen engines since the first locomotive ran in India.
and their only fuel was the dry stalks of a small plant, somewhat resembling an aloe.
A few aloe plants and some chance-sown pellitory grew on the tops of the square pillars of the gates, which all but concealed the stems of a couple of thornless acacias that raised their tufted spikes, like a pair of green powder-puffs, in the yard.
At the foot of a flight of steps, leading to the house door, which was guarded on either side by an American aloe in a green tub, the sedan-chair stopped.
Jingle and his attendant, down the flight of steps, into the American aloe tubs that stood beneath.
Presumably the two maxima for the Aloes are due to the re-release from the liver (first-pass effect).
Aloes, for instance, should be protected from the total force of the Valley's summer sun - in full sun, the leaves of aloes may burn and blister.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- The explosive growth enjoyed by Aloes International, Inc.
Some aloes (pronounced al-ohs), are miniatures,each rosette no more than a few inches across; some are giants that stretch head- or house-high; many are in between.
The peripheral bundle of sheath cells produce intensely bitter, yellow latex, commonly termed aloe juice, or sap or aloes.
of Johannesburg) and Smith (The South African National Biodiversity Institute) present a user-friendly field guide to all South African aloes, with stunning color photographs of the plants in natural settings or gardens.
Aloes are xerophytes in the Aloeaceae in the Liliales that approximately 400 species have been described in the genus Aloe [11].