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making voluntary contributions to aid the poor


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What is natural, however, often falls short of some of our ethical and religious ideals, as is clear in the tension between Jesus' teaching about almsgiving and the way businesses normally publicize their good deeds.
My focus in reading Cyprian's writings is not so much on a theology of almsgiving (what Christians--bishops and laity alike--should do) as on its practice (what Christians--bishops and laity alike--did do).
Hence, almsgiving is not to be done with announcement, for the sake of human admiration, but with such discretion that even the left hand is unaware of the right hand's generosity.
After chapters on the value of the Apocrypha and their historical context, the volume presents chapters on each of the 16 books: Tobit ("better almsgiving with justice"), Judith ("hear me also, a widow"), Additions to Esther ("the aid of the all-seeing God and Savior"), and so forth.
Fasting with Muslims for peace, almsgiving with Jews for justice, and meditating with Buddhists for growth in compassion at least can't hurt.
Those who avail themselves of this dispensation are asked to perform another form of penance such as acts of charity, prayer or almsgiving on or near the date of March 17.
62) This common combination has, he remarks, a structure of almsgiving not of social justice.
To counter pagan rituals intended to quiet the dead, the church developed the doctrine of purgatory and specifically Christian rituals of purification, such as almsgiving and prayer.
And one of the areas that many of us want to and work to change for the better in our spiritual lives is our practice of prayer--along with fasting and almsgiving, one of the three traditional Lenten practices.
It's a great example of the theoretically tight relationship between prayer and almsgiving actually playing out in practice," Ryan said.
For he did believe that prayer, fasting, and almsgiving helped to disinfect the soul stained by the harshness of life.
Appended to the book are the saints' names in broad thematic categories -- almsgiving, child saints, Doctors of the Church, facing death, married saints, to name only a few -- for those who want to take a more devotional approach.
On Ash Wednesday every year we hear the familiar words from Matthew's Gospel where Jesus, in the midst of the Sermon on the Mount, presents prayer, fasting and almsgiving as three pillars of Christian spirituality.
Augustine's emphasis was ecclesial: the Church commemorated the dead in the Eucharist, by prayer, and through almsgiving.