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an official in a British hospital who looks after the social and material needs of the patients

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The division into two groups in Jerusalem was brought about by the influx of pro-Temple priests and the election of Hellenist almoners, led by Stephen (anti-Temple), whose influence must have been considerable.
32) The average age of orphans hired out by the Amsterdam almoners was also younger, as for them there were no objections to put children to work in silk winding at the age of seven.
Traditionally, Australian social welfare history has emphasised the intersection between the British-founded Charity Organisation Society (COS), the appointment of lady almoners to Melbourne hospitals, and the dominance of Protestant women.
And when the Dissolution came, and Evesham had no more need of almoners and monks, the last abbot - Philip Ballard - moved in to the old Almonry, to spend the pension of pounds 240 a year that the King had given him, and to watch from his window as the mighty church was torn down.
And two of the Cathedral staff's children -nine year old Michael Wilson and Kathryn Moran,11have also been chosen to act as the ceremonial Child Almoners.
Thomas Chenery (1826-84) had been appointed Lord Almoners Professor of Arabic at Oxford in 1868.
THE NHS needs to get back to the old system with matrons and almoners in charge of running of hospitals.
Sir Edward Cazalet, chairman of the board of trustees, said: ``The Princess Royal's endorsement of the IJF was a great fillip to the staff particularly to the almoners who work so hard in looking after beneficiaries.
Nowadays it is dedicated largely to the Injured Jockeys Fund, represented today by Lady Oaksey and a team of dedicated almoners.
There are many things, for example, on Place Saint-Sulpice: a town hall, a local finance office, a police station, three cafes, including one licensed to sell cigarettes, a cinema, a church on which Le Vau, Gittard, Oppenord, Servandoni, and Chalgrin all worked and which is dedicated to one of Clotaire Il's almoners who was bishop of Bourges from 624 to 644 and whose saint's day is January 17, a publishing house, an undertaker's, a travel agency, a bus stop, a tailor's shop, a hotel, a fountain with statues of four great Christian orators (Bossuet, Fenelon, Flechier, and Massillon), a newspaper kiosk, a shop selling devotional objects, a car park, a beauty salon, and lots, lots more.
Jack and Jo Berry were there, along with several almoners in charge of the holiday, and Jack is working hard to raise money to build a facility in the north for injured jockeys and their families like Oaksey House in Lambourn.
Former Newmarket racecourse managing director Lisa Hancock has taken over the reins from Richardson and appointed Karen Sharpe, who lives in Penrith, to take over part of Bartlett's workload, which will also be shared with other almoners.
THE Injured Jockeys' Fund has two new almoners - Julia Mangan, who will assist in the south-west, and Marie King, who is based in the Midlands.
Helen Wilson, one of the Injured Jockeys' Fund almoners in the north of England, is in contact daily with the parents.
Helen Wilson, one of the IJF's almoners in the north of England, was with Kyne's parents in North Yorkshire after they travelled from their home in Galway, and a similar meeting is to be arranged with Forfar-based Drew and Margaret Wilson, following the loss of Jan, their only child.