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Synonyms for alluviation

the phenomenon of sediment or gravel accumulating

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110/10 kV alluviation (device access road and construction site) "apparatus access road and construction site.
In contrast, the Rio Maranon carries a substantial load of clayey sediment which results in a more fertile floodplain due to greater alluviation compared to that of the Negro.
However, such subtle changes in elevation and topography are no longer visible to the naked eye because of erosion and/or further alluviation.
Late Quaternary alluviation and soil formation in southern Argolid: its history, causes and archaeological implications.
The flint exploited in this layer has a fine structure and the nodules show little evidence of alluviation.
An ~15 000-year record of El Nino-driven alluviation in southwestern Ecuador.
In the eastern basin, the pattern is less complex: a single route connected the major urban centres at Tell Leilan and Tell Hamoukar, with gaps where wadi alluviation has deeply covered the ancient surface.
Some scholars continue to express concern that systematic regional survey may not be feasible in parts of northern China, due to extensive alluviation (Jing et al.
The coastal plain on the south western part of the island was intensively sampled because elsewhere this zone largely consists of recent alluviation.