alluvial sediment

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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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The main goals of this study are (1) to describe the nature and distribution of the alluvial terrace deposits of the Quaternary alluvial sediments of the Alto Guadalquivir Basin (SE Spain) based on sedimentary facies as well as on mineral and geochemical evidence, (2) to identify and discriminate different sediment sources of the Guadalquivir River alluvial deposits, (3) to estimate the potential factors that control the observed changes in the mineralogy and geochemistry within the different studied sedimentary sequences, and (4) to propose a terrace deposit model in the light of processes that have interacted to form the terrace sediments.
Vaughan (2005) labeled horizons forming in alluvial sediments as A horizons because they had over two times the carbon concentration than did field soils at the site (though part of this increase may be a result of the enrichment of eroded sediment).
Because SSDS at the Ryadino site are linked with alluvial sediments formed on the flat surface of the highest river terrace during the Holocene climate, the above-mentioned triggers influencing the sedimentary structures are excluded.
This is the case for those places situated on unconsolidated deposits, as illustrated by the intensity values at Fredericton (discussed below), where early historical settlement had taken place on a river plain of thick alluvial sediments.
It includes a system of Tidal Paleocreeks formed during the Holocene transgression and later inactivated by the accumulation of shell bars and alluvial sediments.
The formations, through which the crossing was installed, consist primarily of soft alluvial sediments (sand, silt and clay) with trace amounts of fine gravel and shell fragments.
Contemporary alluvial sediments comprising interbedded, yellow and orange silts and sands with minor gravel lenses overlie Unit 2.
The Casuto alluvial sediments are located in the Casuto-Chigualoco River basin and estuary and on glacial river terraces all deposited through a series of erosive events.
Lahbari thrust fault operation in east of the plain, causes the exposure of Gachsaran formation in near of alluvial sediments and this way causes undesirable effect on water quality in this area.
The ridge is buried to the west by glaciolacustrinc sediments of Glacial Lake Chicago and to the east it is eroded by the Grand River and covered by alluvial sediments.
The samples were collected throughout the claim block from till sediments (231 samples), lake sediments (111 samples), alluvial sediments (62 samples), glaciofluvial sediments (135 samples), and colluvial and other sediments (7 samples) with each sample consisting of approximately 20 litres (30 kg) of material.
The study location required alluvial sediments overlying the bedrock with a zone of saturation above bedrock level to facilitate groundwater data collection and modeling.
Gold washers essentially focussed on alluvial sediments with a total production estimated between 200 and 400 kg (unverified data).
28 sq km area of offshore alluvial sediments where 20 gem diamonds with 90% gem quality product up to 1.