alluvial sediment

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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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Lahbari thrust fault operation in east of the plain, causes the exposure of Gachsaran formation in near of alluvial sediments and this way causes undesirable effect on water quality in this area.
The 1*5-m thick sequence displays a succession of fine-grained alluvial sediments with a high mica content, deposited during periodic high flows, and probably anthropic accumulations of slabs associated with lithic remains.
This illustrates a new and hitherto largely disregarded form of archaeological investigation, that of waterlogged trees in wetlands or alluvial sediments.
This is the case for those places situated on unconsolidated deposits, as illustrated by the intensity values at Fredericton (discussed below), where early historical settlement had taken place on a river plain of thick alluvial sediments.
The formations, through which the crossing was installed, consist primarily of soft alluvial sediments (sand, silt and clay) with trace amounts of fine gravel and shell fragments.
Contemporary alluvial sediments comprising interbedded, yellow and orange silts and sands with minor gravel lenses overlie Unit 2.
As for the M2/M3 property, gold is found in quartz veins, in the surface saprolite layer, and in alluvial sediments.
The property is entirely covered by unconsolidated tills, alluvial sediments and a thin veneer of Paleozoic sediments, below which, the geology is believed to consist of rocks belonging to the extension of the Thompson Nickel Belt.
Maxam has completed preliminary testing and confirmed the presence of gold in the alluvial sediments.
In addition, heavy mineral surveys by the Ontario Geological Survey have located kimberlite indicator minerals, including G10 garnets, in alluvial sediments on and in the vicinity of the Jubilee-Surluga and Van Sickle properties.
Recent research by Bart & Noel (1991), Clark (1992) and Brown & Ellis (1995) has been instrumental in the development of dating of alluvial sediments using palaeomagnetic techniques.
Gold washers essentially focussed on alluvial sediments with a total production estimated between 200 and 400 kg (unverified data).
The samples were collected throughout the claim block from till sediments (231 samples), lake sediments (111 samples), alluvial sediments (62 samples), glaciofluvial sediments (135 samples), and colluvial and other sediments (7 samples) with each sample consisting of approximately 20 litres (30 kg) of material.
28 sq km area of offshore alluvial sediments where 20 gem diamonds with 90% gem quality product up to 1.
If these sediments offer encouragement, we will commence further gravity traverses across the interpreted course of these paleochannels, and continue to follow-up with drilling to confirm their location and whether the associated alluvial sediments carry kimberlite indicator minerals.