alluvial plain

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a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water

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Ditch stonecrop; infrequent; alluvial plain and wet areas in Farmer's Field; BSUH 8297.
Specimens of Dadoxylon recentium described from alluvial plain units at Joggins (Falcon-Lang 2003b) are identical to the secondary xylem of Mesoxylon cf.
In their letter, Acharyya and Shah stated that "The concentration of dissolved Fe in groundwater is generally low (< 1 mg/L) in the Ganga Alluvial Plain (Acharyya et al.
The facies context is known for only one specimen; this tree grew on a well drained, seasonally dry alluvial plain.
The Cishan-Peiligang sites (6500-5000 BC) are located on the eastern foothills of the Taihang and Funiu mountains, running into the major alluvial plain in North China, the Huabei Plain.
However, these ruins are characterised by having been built on an alluvial plain which has experienced several destructive avalanches.
Soil temperature Physiographic regime unit 1 Mesic Piedmont plain 2 Aquic Lowland 3 Mesic Piedmont plain 4 Thermic Plateau 5 Thermic Plateau 6 Mesic Piedmont plain 7 Mesic Plateau 8 Thermic Piedmont plain 9 Thermic Plateau 10 Aquic Lowland 11 Hyperthermic Plateau 12 Hyperthermic Lowland 13 Mesic Piedmont plain 14 Thennic Piedmont plain 15 Hyperthermic Piedmont plain 16 Hyperthermic Lowland 17 Thermic Plateau 18 Hyperthermic Alluvial plain 19 Hyperthermic Alluvial plain 20 Hyperthermic Lowland 21 Thermic Plateau 22 Thermic Piedmont plain 23 Mesic Piedmont plain 24 Thennic Piedmont plain Table 2.
Remote Command Post of the beam alluvial plain commander PIPC 5,
A narrow strip of alluvial plain dominated by Acacia woodland lies between the arid stoney mountains and the littoral zone," she said.
Area 2 contains intermittent exposure of small hillocks in an alluvial plain.
Alpha diversity in the warm temperate floodplain forests is higher, with 59 woody species in the end-successional forests of the Mississippi alluvial plain (Robertson et al.
It is hot, dusty work along the Rio Grande's alluvial plain where workers view the jagged outline of the Organ mountains.
The El Segundo subspecies is almost certainly extinct, having been confined to the El Segundo sand dunes and portions of the sandy alluvial plain of the Los Angeles River.
A portion of the Mona group of properties encompasses an alluvial plain called "Playas Ricas".
Until recently it had been thought that the first large cities in Mesopotamia, of which Uruk is the best-known example, had developed on the alluvial plain of Sumer during the 4th millennium BC.