alluvial plain

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a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water

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Pleistocene-Holocene Sakhi Sarwar Group represents Dada (conglomerate) and Sakhi Sarwar (clays, sandstone and conglomerates) formations; alluvial terraces, fans and alluvial plains.
An example of the former is the fact that Lahore is located on an alluvial plain made up of loamy clay soil.
1]) characterises the western and northern parts of the alluvial plain and the playa basin.
An extensive network of channels and culverts built in times of abundant energy has radically transformed the natural water runoff of the southern alluvial plain.
At present, we can not recognize any structural habitat elements along the Indus alluvial plain that would preclude the presence of N.
Most of these records are disjunct from previous records (and in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain ecoregion rather than within the ozark Physiographic Region); therefore, we sought to validate and interpret new records and the apparent expansion into northeastern Arkansas.
4) In the Ganga alluvial plain, fluoride contamination has been reported by Indian state and central groundwater departments in a few districts like Unnao, Kanpur, and Agra.
Over the centuries, the slit deposits ought onto the "Kucuk Menderes" enlarged this alluvial plain which surrounds the archaeological site, thus pushing back the shores of the Aegean.
The Lower Mississippi River Valley is actually a giant alluvial plain that stretches over parts of seven states, from southern Illinois to southern Louisiana at the Gulf of Mexico.
The Alluvial Plain (or Coastal Levee, according to Cavallotto, 1995) (Figures 2b and 3b) extends to the north of El Pescado stream.
Bantam sunfish were collected from all major drainages within the Gulf Coastal Plain and Mississippi Alluvial Plain physiographic provinces of Arkansas, including the Arkansas, Ouachita, Mississippi, Red, Saline, St.
Whitten has been extensively field tested in Mississippi, at Experiment Stations in Poplarville (2004), Brooksville (1999), Starkville (1999-2002 and 2004) and various locations in the western alluvial plain of Mississippi and Tennessee (Money, MS 1999; Payne, MS 2000; Memphis, TN 2002).
The assemblage represents the alluvial plain of a seasonal dryland traversed by suites of narrow channels that probably had an anastomosing planform (Rygel 2005), as indicated by multiple, narrow channels at similar levels connected by sheet sandstones ("ribbon tiers" of Kraus and Wells 1999).