alluvial flat

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a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water

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The landscape consists of gently undulating to steep hillslopes with some alluvial flats, and an average annual winter-dominant rainfall of approximately 530 mm per year.
49 million carats within the alluvial flat drainage system which
potential exists within large alluvial flats occurring in the SouthernEra
that the average diamond grades in the alluvial flats approximate 1 ct/m(3)
Exploration also identified a potential resource within the alluvial flats of the Bamingui River of an additional 482,000 BCM of alluvial gravel, which at an estimated grade of 0.
indicating that the alluvial flats system, within the project area, contains
Sample excavation has also started within the low-lying alluvial flats of the Bamingui River.
topography beneath the alluvial flats in order to establish the locations of