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Synonyms for allude

make a more or less disguised reference to

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My lord, as to the report you allude to" -- Guitant perceived that the cardinal wished to make him speak out -- "I know nothing but what the public knows.
It was when within a short distance of the dwelling of Charlotte that the gentleman ventured to allude to the event that had made them acquainted.
The conversation to which I allude, occurred between me and a very respectable looking shirt, that I happened to be hanging next to on a line, a few days after my arrival; the colonel having judged it prudent to get me washed and properly ironed, before he carried me into the "market.
I wonder you should ask: you are yourself a strong proof of the absurdity I allude to.
It was quite amusing, too, to see with what earnestness they disclaimed all cannibal propensities on their own part, while they denounced their enemies--the Typees--as inveterate gourmandizers of human flesh; but this is a peculiarity to which I shall hereafter have occasion to allude.
The death of my Parents a few weeks after my Departure, is the circumstance I allude to.
Then, my dear Miss Summerson," said he with the frankest gaiety, "don't allude to it.
The society is - er - not congenial - I allude of course to our hosts - and the attentions of these unwashed, and I am afraid I must say unclothed, ladies of dusky complexion is to say the least of it embarrassing.
I may, I presume, between ourselves, allude to you as one of the people.
I would not even look at the report to which you allude if it was placed in my hands--I have heard more than enough already of that hideous life in the palace at Venice.
I noticed those signs of mental decay to which you so feelingly allude at the last interview I had with her in Mablethorpe House.
The official organs of the world allude to it, if at all, as an unimportant gathering called together to discuss certain frontier questions with which England had nothing to do.
And he shut up any of his thoughtless comrades who attempted to allude to his connection.
I trembled excessively; I could not endure to think of, and far less to allude to, the occurrences of the preceding night.
The fact to which I allude is-- the marriage of Miss Rachel and Mr.