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The high performance alloys market has varied applications such as aerospace, industrial, automotive, oil & gas, electronics & electrical, and others.
Tungsten atoms are bigger than nickel ones, so they don't fit comfortably into nickel's crystal lattice, Schuh explains Grains of tungsten-poor alloy become cemented together by tungsten-rich material to form a brick-and-mortar structure.
The alloys are less brittle than PET and no longer need to be dried before processing.
NEW YORK -- Components made of a new high-strength aluminum powder metallurgy alloy are expected to replace conventional aluminum components currently used in aging aircraft.
Density reductions up to 80% can be achieved by the mechanical foaming of elastomeric alloys.
AL 2003[TM] lean duplex stainless alloy in strip and plate product forms is NORSOK qualified under Standard M-650.
Mechanisms Of Formation And Chemical Modification Of The Morphology Of The Eutectic Phases In Hypoeutectic Aluminum-Silicon Alloys (05-088)
Full line of mold materials includes stainless steels for molding highly abrasive engineered resins, copper alloys for rapid heat dissipation, and aluminum for blow molds and short-run tooling.
These alloys are more elastic because they contain a higher proportion of aluminum than do brittle glasses of similar compositions, says Joseph Poon of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
Further, when compared to the aluminum-silicon alloys, aluminum-magnesium alloys are dross forming, require more attention in gating design, and greater temperature gradients are required to produce sound castings.
Galli's paper describes making a PP copolymer with 5-10% butadiene that is so reactive it can make the PP crosslinkable, or it can compatibilize blends and alloys even with styrenics.
We are pleased to collaborate with BIOLASE in the use of our Liquidmetal alloys in this field.
New copolymers, alloys, and modified compounds of engineering thermoplastics were discussed at the recent SPE ANTEC in Detroit.
The program goal is to develop reactive alloys and composites for inert warheads.